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Letting your guests know about your special day and the intricate details is an exciting part of wedding planning. Our save the date fridge magnets will enable you to invite your guests in a unique way which will keep your wedding date front of mind! Easily placed in any fridge, these save the date magnets are a great way to ensure that your big day is always in the minds of your wedding guests and help add to the excitement of your upcoming wedding day.

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How much should you pay for save the date magnets?

Save the date magnets will usually cost around £1 each, but can range in price depending on where you get them from! Here at Tree of Hearts, our magnets are available in standard and foil styles, which start from £1 per magnet.

What size should save the date magnets be?

The size of save the date magnets can vary from place to place. We recommend to buy smaller magnets, as these are more likely to suit the recipients. Our magnets measure 50 x 92 mm and our A6 carrier cards measure 148 x 105 mm.

Where can I buy save the date magnets?

Many wedding stationers sell save the date magnets. Here at Tree of Hearts, we have a wide range of magnets available, which are all part of full matching stationery collections. Our prices start from just £1, so don’t miss out!

What to include on save the dates magnets

Your save the dates only need to include a couple of details. You will want to include your names and the date of your wedding. You can then add as much or as little detail as you want. Choose a cute design to complete your magnets!