As we enter autumn, the Wedding Industry looks to what will be the 2022 Wedding Trends, in what is predicted to be a busy year! With those that have had to postpone their big day finally getting a date and those that had already planned for a 2022 wedding, it looks like the trends for the coming year will be shaped by what brides and grooms have experienced in the past 18 months, along with fashion influences and changing trends.

Why Have 1 Wedding When You Can Have 2?

A big trend for next year will see many couples having a second wedding day on the 1st anniversary. Finally, a chance to get together with everyone to witness the happy couple confirm their vows and celebrate their love. Some will go the whole “bang” and have a full wedding - wedding invitations, ceremony, vows, reception, and evening party. Others will choose to create a “hybrid wedding” involving just some elements of a big day. Either way, 2022 will see brides and grooms reaffirm their love and celebrate with loved ones that, due to lockdowns and restrictions, could not be at their first wedding.

Regency Period Style Wedding Trends

Love stories and the romantic literary greats feature strongly in 2022 Wedding Trends. Regency period fascination will find its way subtly into weddings, with literary-inspired touches and splashes of Regency Blue. Think a quintessentially English cottage aesthetic, tradition, and regal elegance. Perfect for the traditionalists amongst us.

Royal Border - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP
Tree of Hearts - Royal Border - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Nature-Inspired Palettes

Lockdown has given many a newfound appreciation of nature. This feeling and connection will be shown in couples choosing earthy, natural colour palettes and moving away from the whites and pastels of old. Grasses, pampas, eucalyptus and simple foliage with minimal petals will be a strong trend.

Pampas Grass - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP
Tree of Hearts - Pampas Grass - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

The Sustainable Wedding Trend

Many couples will look to reduce the environmental impact of their wedding through eco-friendly suppliers and reusable items. Stationery from environmentally friendly suppliers ( like Tree of Hearts!) and reusable decorations and favours will play a big part, as weddings become a statement of how a couple want to live in harmony with the environment.

Backyard Weddings 

Lockdown also made us appreciate our homes. Backyard weddings have been booming and we expect them to be popular in the upcoming year as well. With COVID-19 still around for the foreseeable future, these weddings give the comfort of safety to both the couple and guests! It is also a very personal, unique venue for any couple to celebrate and cement their love and commitment to each other in the place they call home! They can control all elements of the day, making their wedding reflective of them and not necessarily traditional weddings.

The Colour Splash Trend

Okay, so we said natural and earthy tones are popular next year, but it would be boring if we were all the same! Some couples will want to celebrate with a bold, vibrant day full of colour! The top five colours for Spring and Summer 2022 will be vibrant pink-purple Orchid Flower, earthy green Olive Oil, creamy yellow Butter, tropical Mango Sorbet and ocean Atlantic Blue.

The Big Getaway!

Elopements increased in popularity over lockdown as couples adapted to guest limits and turned to intimate, private celebrations. The big getaway will continue next year as couples can finally say their vows in sunnier climates surrounded by friends and family.

Beach, Palm Tree Lights Day Invitation
Tree of Hearts - Beach, Palm Tree Lights Day Invitation

Multi-Sensory Experiences

After the restrictions of 2020/21, wedding couples will want to give their guest a genuinely unforgettable experience. Through multisensory elements, guests can experience a wedding at another level! Think food and drink that doesn’t just taste and look good, but feels exciting. Or, for example, a venue scented with candles. Scented Wedding Stationery sprayed with favourite scents and perfumes. Opulent table clothes and chair covers all giving an immersive feeling to the day.

Starry Night - Foil Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP
Tree of Hearts - Starry Night - Foil Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Vibrant Jewel Tones

Deep, vibrant jewel tones bring a burst of colour to any wedding. They can be used to personalise the day to not only the couple but the whole wedding party! The latest trend is having each of your bridesmaids in a different hue to match their unique personality. Colours like emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis, and amethyst are showing up in various wedding elements. Room décor can change dependent upon their role in the day, and a centrepiece and flower arrangements can reflect the guests whose table they are on! Similar to earthy hues, jewel tones are diverse in that they can complement any season and give couples flexibility in their planning and choices.

We hope you have found this blog useful! Our designers are always searching the globe for the latest Wedding Trends and fashions and our designs reflect what we know our couples want. We launch new designs every season and we are sure you will find a matching stationery collection perfect for your chosen theme!

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