With a year packed full of weddings, the season is set to be both a busy and varied one. Here we take a look at the latest Summer Wedding Stationery Trends 2022 and how we can help you incorporate them into your wedd

Highly Personal Save the Dates

Let's start at the beginning. Save the Dates! They are the first opportunity couples have to show off who they really are. The tone can be set for the whole wedding journey in one stationery piece. Therefore, couples are choosing to show who they are and how they see their life together in one card! Through design, poems, or stories, couples are adding sentiment into how they announce their big day.

Minimalist Fonts, Maximum Impact!

Minimalist, printed fonts will be popular on invitation suites next year. In addition, this trend will carry on into full wedding stationery collections. Script fonts will be less popular because couples will choose modern fonts.

Professionally Set Stationery

2022 couples are looking for perfection! After waiting for so long for their big day, they don’t want to waste a moment longer. No more spelling mistakes, wonky images, or colours that don’t match! Our team talk to many couples who have experienced a DIY wedding stationery fail. Because of this, they come to us since they know we can help them get it absolutely perfect!

Vintage Trends

We are seeing a big revival in traditional vintage trends. Influenced heavily by Netflix sensation Bridgerton, popular colours include soft pinks, and greens. Our collections, like Pink Country Flowers and Eucalyptus Garland, are proving to be very popular this season! And other choices include lace and rustic themes, like our Rustic Wedding Lace and Vintage Lace collections.

Reception-Only Invitations

Evening-only invitations have always been a popular choice for couples who separate day guests from evening. However, as weddings get smaller and ceremonies more intimate, some couples choose to separate service and reception guests, too! All our invitations can be adapted to suit couples. Also, we have had a rising number of people ask for reception-only invitations. Part of our service is to help customers bespoke their wording and layout to ensure it is perfect for reception guests.

Pet Invitations

Is your +1 your furry friend? Some couples are more than happy for guests to bring pets! With more weddings being held outside this year, many love the idea of having full families at their wedding. Including furry friends! Therefore, we have had requests for adding pet names to invitations and even a few requests for pet wedding invitations!

QR Codes, Hashtags, and Websites

Weddings have lots detail, so getting all that information onto one invitation can be difficult. Therefore, a good way to ensure guests are up to date with all the latest details is to have a website, group chat, or hashtag. This makes communication free-flowing and easy to share! Requests for QR codes, hashtags, and wedding website details on invitations are common, as couples get more interactive with their guests. If done properly by a professional designer, these details can be seamlessly added to your stationery. They can fit perfectly with the design and complement your copy.


Sustainability is very important. Questions like, "Where is the paper sourced?" and "What is the carbon footprint and recyclability of the stationery?" are asked to our team. As part of the Carbon Club, we can trace every invite back to the tree it came from. 

Remember, wedding stationery doesn’t have to cost the earth! Read more here.

Buying Local

Because of carbon footprints and the drive to buy local, many couples want their stationery from a local UK stationer. As a small team of stationery lovers based in Shropshire, we love discussing, planning, and working with couples on their wedding stationery. We get to see our creations going out the door to be loved by others on their big day!

Eye-Popping Envelopes

Colours, textures, fonts, and seals are just some of the ways to make your envelope pop! Couples can make every detail perfect and personal starting with the envelope. And this shows your attention to detail at every step!

We hope you enjoyed our blog on the Summer Wedding Stationery Trends 2022, and that you find it useful in your planning. Please read our other blogs for more information and guidance.