Here at Tree of Hearts, we often get asked about an aspect of a wedding that can cause a lot of grief – the seating chart. But never fear, we’ve gathered some top tips for putting together the best seating chart for your wedding.

Get your RSVPs

It’s difficult to set up an accurate seating chart if you don’t know how many people will be attending the wedding. Make sure before you start - that all your potential guests have RSVP’d to their invitations. You’ll also need to make an extra note if any of them have decided to bring guests.

Draw it all out

How Do I Make a Wedding Seating Chart? - Navy Jewel Flowers Table Plan
The first thing you’ll need to set up your seating chart is a big piece of paper or card so you can physically map out all the tables and places to sit at the wedding. Whether you’re planning the arrangement for the ceremony or the reception, having a chart in front of you can help you better visualise where each person is going to sit and how many people you can fit. On your blank chart, draw large circles to represent each of the tables and number them, then smaller circles around the tables to represent chairs where people will sit. If you’re planning a ceremony rather than a reception, draw little circles to represent how your seats will be arranged according to your estimated number of guests.

Making groups

The next trick is to group guests together. If there are any conflicts amongst family and friends, make sure to seat them separately so the ceremony or reception will run as smoothly as possible – and all eyes will be on you!
How Do I Make a Wedding Seating Chart? - Pink & White Country Bouquet - Table Plan Cards
It’s a good idea to seat all of the wedding party together but if you have a larger group of people involved, why not spread them out across two tables at the front of the venue so they can be seen when they’re giving speeches or toasts. It’s important to remember thet every family is different when it comes to weddings. So, when you’re organizing your chart, consider how people might react to the guests they’re seated with before you put them in certain places.

Top tip

Until you’re certain, mark out where each guest is sitting using pencils. This way, you can erase and change things right up until the last second. Some people even use markers like flags or stickers that they can easily move around when making changes.
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