Wedding seating cards are a small but important aspect of wedding stationery which often gets left until last. Good wedding place cards can help to tie a theme together and are also a small personalised trinket that many guests like to take home with them after the big day.

Do I need seating cards?

How Do You Make a Wedding Seating Card? - Pink Country Flowers Place Card

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You only need seating cards if you're assigning seats for your guests. These can be used at the ceremony or during the meal. Some people prefer to let guests sit where they like - it can make things simpler and saves you a job. But, many choose to assign their guests seats to ensure that everyone has a place with familiar faces nearby. A seating plan can also encourage both sets of guests to mix and mingle together. After all, your wedding is about the coming together of two families.

Option 1: Print them

How Do You Make a Wedding Seating Card? - Forest Love Place Card
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You can either order a template for printed place cards which you can print at home yourself, or order printed place cards from a wedding stationery shop. Printing your own place cards can be a good option if you want to save money, but it's only really worth doing if you've got access to a high-quality printer; using your old school inkjet printer won't cut it if you're trying to print quality wedding place cards. Otherwise, you can order printed cards online for a little extra cost, and take some of the work out of the operation.

Option 2: Try calligraphy

How Do You Make a Wedding Seating Card? - Woodland Flowers Place Card
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Another option - and one gaining popularity in recent years - is to try your hand at calligraphy. You can order a set of pre-printed place cards which leave spaces for names and practice your hand at writing the names out in a timeless, elegant style. This is a cost-effective option, adds a very special personal touch to the cards, and is ideal for more traditional weddings. If you love the idea of using calligraphy but you and your friends aren't up to the job, it's possible to hire a professional calligrapher - though this will eat a little more into your wedding budget.

Option 3: Try something new

How Do You Make a Wedding Seating Card? - Flower Bouquet Place Card
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You could also try something a little different, by using stones, trinket boxes, miniature bottles, and all other kinds of objects. If you can personalise it with a name, it can become a seating card - so let your imagination loose.