You've thought long and hard about your wedding invitation design, deliberated over the theme, arranged a printer and agreed on the dates for delivery - but what should your wedding invitation actually say?

The truth is, there is no set template for a wedding card invitation, and there shouldn’t be! We can't tell you exactly what to say, but we can offer a few pointers and different options for wedding invitation wording to help you write one that’s perfect for you.


Who's the host?


One of the first things you need to think about is who is doing the inviting? Traditionally, the top line of a wedding invitation will invite the recipient to the occasion on behalf of the bride's parents. This could be a simple "Mr & Mrs Stuart Jones request the pleasure of the company of 'INSERT NAME' at the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth to Mr John Henderson".

But what about if the parents are divorced, or one or more is deceased? In the case of divorced parents, the names can be separated "Mr Stuart Jones and Mrs Anna Jones", if they have not remarried, but if they do have new partners "Mr and Mrs Stuart Jones & Mr and Mrs Anna Sutcliffe" can work better. In the case of a deceased parent, you could add a line such as "son or daughter of the late 'INSERT NAME'" to ensure that they are included in the invitation.


Traditional, informal or fun?

What should Wedding Invitations say? - Pretty Mason Jars Wedding Invitation

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The wording used in the example above is based on more traditional values. There are endless ways for you to make your language a little more punchy if you wish to use an informal or fun tone. Try something like "come and join us for the celebration of Elizabeth Jones and John Henderson," and if you feel it is fitting, there is always the option of injecting a little humour, especially where the reception is concerned. "Join us for a fabulous feast, music and questionable dance moves at 'INSERT VENUE'".

It can take a while to hit upon the right mix of words to set the mood the way you want to, but it is worth experimenting with different lines until you find the right wording.

Those are just a few pointers on getting the right wedding invitation wording and the all-important matter of the host. Don't forget to include all the essential information such as venue, timings, and how to RSVP.