Floral Design Day is the perfect chance to take in some inspiration. Social media is a-buzz with flower power, and natural designs of all sorts are being celebrated.

Floral Design Day is especially exciting this year, as floral themes are set to be a huge trend for 2017 weddings. But with so many ideas around, how can you pick the perfect flower pattern for your special day? Here’s a list of some ideas you could try.

Gorgeous Green

Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year is Greenery. This is obviously great news for nature lovers, especially as pastel hues with splashes of primary colour are predicted to be a wedding favourite. We know this combination certainly puts us in mind of colourful flowers with rich green leaves! Bright hues on soft green make for a stunning modern wedding palette, and we have some stylish invitations to match.

Green Floral Design
Featured Design: 'Country Flowers Invitation and RSVP Card' 

Vintage Floral Charm

If you like the sound of pastel hues but aren't so keen on contemporary style, go for big blooms with soft petals on a charming vintage backdrop. Floral designs play a big role in vintage fashion, so you can easily combine the quirky and unique look with your favourite flowers. We have a huge variety of vintage-style stationery, which will look lovely inside a cosy retro venue.

Vintage Floral Design

Featured Designs: 'Shabby Chic Heart and Flowers Invitation and Favour Tag' and 'Pretty Mason Jars Boutique Invitation'

Wild at Heart

Natural foliage and wild flowers are taking over this year! Think enchanted forests and open meadows – a real bohemian wedding. Rustic motifs blend naturally into this theme, with a focus on wood and twine decorations. And it just so happens that rustic wedding invitations are bang on trend, too!

Pantone’s Greenery can really shine when paired with deep forest browns. Bold, trailing bridal bouquets are going to be popular throughout the year. Why not use thick foliage with sparks of colourful wild flowers to make a statement?

Wild Floral Design

Featured Design: 'Wild Love Pocketfold'

Beach Blooms

If you’re planning an exotic destination wedding, a beach reception, or even just a seaside-themed ceremony, you can easily add flowers into the mix. Tropical flowers are stunning either on their own or with a few extra touches, like seashells or ship rope. If you’re planning a marriage abroad in sunnier climates, try using local flowers to avoid wilting. Otherwise, use our Vintage Beach Flowers stationery to add flora to your day!

Floral Beach Design

Featured Design: 'Vintage Beach Flowers Invitation and Poem Card'

Classic Flowers

We love our wedding trends, but we still love our traditional dos, too! If you’re dreaming of a classic church wedding or a ceremony in a stately home, you can’t go wrong with elegant lilies and regal roses. If you want to add some contrast to a white wedding, flowers are a great way to subtly introduce colour while keeping things refined. Take a look at our traditional invitations...

Classic Floral Design

Featured Design: 'English Roses Invitation and Save the Date Card'

Flowers are always a key part of any wedding, so make sure to think about what kind of floral flourishes you want for your marriage! Have fun exploring the wonderful world of flower art on Floral Design Day!