It's your wedding, and ultimately, everything about it should be up to you. Your wedding is really the one day of your life when you get to create your perfect day with all of your friends and family around you. Each choice is up to you, and if you don't want to have a wedding guest book, you don't have to.

Is a wedding guest book unnecessary?

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Some brides think a wedding guest book is an unnecessary expense, particularly if they're looking for the perfect book to match the rest of their wedding stationery. Guests can congratulate you on the day, and if they want something on paper, they'll bring a card along too. It's true that these days, guest books really aren't the be-all and end-all of weddings, and there are other ways to remember the day. But, that said...

Think carefully before you scrap the guest book

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Your wedding day is a very special day, and if you miss something out that you later regret, there won't be a do-over. Sometimes, if you're unsure, it's best to go with a guest book anyway. Flicking through the guest book and reading the messages that your best friends and closest family members left for you on your wedding day can be incredibly special years later, especially if some of the older guests at your wedding might be no longer around. If you're concerned with expense, sometimes it can be worth going 'off-theme' slightly just to ensure you do have a guest book.

Try something different

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If there's something a bit old-fashioned about a guest book that you're not keen on, there are plenty of ways to rejuvenate the tradition. Why not try having a glass jar with little sheets of paper by it that guests can write their messages on before folding up and adding to the jar? Or let all of your guests sign a wine bottle with different coloured markers? You could even try a wishing tree where guests leave their messages on little tags attached to the branches for you. When it comes to guest book alternatives, your choices are almost limitless, and with a little creativity, it shouldn't be too difficult to think of an idea that matches almost any style of wedding.