When the big day and honeymoon are a distant memory, guestbooks are a lovely keepsake to treasure from your wedding day.
But increasingly, happy couples are looking for alternative ways for their loved ones to leave their wishes.
Whether it’s something tied into the wedding day theme or a personal twist on the classic written sentiment, there are lots of solutions for making a guestbook unique.

Fingerprint tree

If you think you’re unlikely to sit and read handwritten messages of varying legibility when you’re into the swing of married life, but would still like a memento from your guests, a fingerprint tree is a great alternative. Something to be treasured, framed and hung in pride of place.
Wedding Guest Book Alternatives - Fingerprint Tree - Vintage Tree
This idea gives a lovely artwork twist on the traditional book.

Ask for a suggestion

Instead of asking guests to write a congratulatory message saying how happy they are for you, why not ask them to leave a suggestion? Each guest can leave a date night idea, which you can then work through every month. To make the decision each month, provide guests with lolly sticks to write on, collect them in a beautiful keepsake jar, which could be hand-decorated, and select at random.

Do it your way

Maybe you’d still like lovely, heartwarming messages from your friends and family to remember your wedding day. The messages are about you, so why not make the whole ‘guestbook’ personal too? Ditch the book and try something that strikes a chord with you and your partner.
Wedding Guest Book Alternatives - Wedding Wishing Tree Tags
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If you love travelling or met while on a gap year abroad, a great idea is to ask guests to sign a globe in marker pen. This will provide a great talking point not only on the wedding day but anytime you have a friend round for dinner. Equally, if you love music, guests could write a message on a record in silver pen. Frame the record after the wedding and hang it in pride of place. It could also be lovely to get hold of the L.P. of your first dance song and use that. Or, if you love nature and the great outdoors, provide guests with leaf-shaped paper for their sentiments, and hang them from branches of a small indoor tree to create a wishing tree, which can grow and thrive along with your marriage.