There's nothing more important in the early stages of wedding planning than letting your guests know the time and location. As dates book up quickly, particularly in the summer months, it's essential to bag a day and let everyone know when and where to turn up.

The tradition of sending save the dates is a useful one, but that's no reason to mean that it also has to be boring or stuffy. With options such as save the date magnets now available, you can inject some levity and fun into the process.

With that in mind, here are some of our top reasons why save the date magnets are a must-have essential this year.


They make a practical gift for guests

Instead of sending a classic card, a save the date magnet is a way to give your guests a thoughtful item that they can actually use and appreciate. With a magnet comes through their letterbox, you'll be guaranteed a smile!
Why Use Save the Date Magnets? - Navy Jewel Flowers Save the Date Magnets
Your attendees will no doubt anticipate that the wedding itself will be just as joyful and fun-loving. You can even opt for a humourous edge in your choice of magnet, such as picking one of our Owl Always Love You Save the Date Magnets to ensure that your guests get a good laugh.

A convenient everyday reminder

Save the date magnets also serve a useful purpose as they ensure that your guests will be frequently reminded of your upcoming nuptials.

Why Use Save the Date Magnets? - Confetti Script Save the Date Magnets

Magnets usually end up on the kitchen fridge, so each morning when they open the door and reach for the milk or orange juice, your wedding magnet will greet them. You can pick a cheerful and upbeat version, such as the Bellas Bunting Save the Date Magnet while making sure that the important date, time and location information is prominently displayed.

A fun way to hint at your wedding theme

Each wedding is unique to the bride and groom and that also applies to the theme and style. Around this time, you will often have people asking about your colour scheme and design ideas. With a save the date magnet, you can showcase some of your chosen elements by selecting a magnet that incorporates elements of your vision.
Why Use Save the Date Magnets? - Reindeer Stars Save the Date Magnets

For example, if you're going for a winter wonderland themed Christmas wedding, you can let everyone know with one of our Reindeer Stars Save the Date Magnets.

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