So, you've recently got married, and were gifted a lot of money on your big day - lucky you! But now you're wondering how you should say thanks?

We are here to help you out!


Thank You Card

After a wedding, its good etiquette to send ALL of your guests a thank you card, even ones that didn't give you a gift. After all, they made the effort to attend your special day, and its a great way to show that you are grateful, and that you valued their presence on the day.

How Do You Thank Someone for Money? - Pink Country Flowers Thank You Card

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To thank someone for money, we recommend that you write what you plan to do with it, e.g. 'we will put it towards our honeymoon!'. Guests will appreciate knowing what you did with their money.

It can be seen as rude to mention how much they gave you, so you may just want to say 'thank you for the gift of money' or 'thank you for your generous gift'. However, if other guests gifted you something specific, you may want to mention it, e.g. 'thank you for the lovely new toaster' - this shows that you really value their gift.


Small Gift

For wedding guests that gave you an extra generous present, or close friends and family, you may want to thank them with a small gift yourself. We recommend a lovely bunch of flowers or some chocolates. It's just enough to make their day - but not too much!

How Do You Thank Someone for Money? - Add Your Own Photo - Square Thank You Cards

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Pair with a beautiful thank you card for a personal touch that they can keep forever. Our 'Use Your Own Photo' cards are a great way to show off your gorgeous wedding photographs, too!


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