One of the first jobs you and your spouse should do after the wedding and honeymoon is to send out wedding thank you notes. Sending out thank you cards is the last part of your wedding and is an opportunity to remember all the people who made such an effort to make your day special.

Here is our guide to sending out thank you cards:


•    Send the cards out within 3 months of the wedding. Depending on your arrangement with your photographer, this should give you time to either enclose a photo with the card or personalise the card with a photograph.
•    Send a personalised message – you can either choose cards that are blank for your own message or compose a personal message for printing. You should hand write the recipients names and sign them yourselves – yes, this is a job that you can do together!
•    Spell names correctly and name all the people in the family who gave the gift.
•    Thank people for a specific gift where possible, sometimes a name tag and present become separated, and say how you are using the gift.
•    Thank people who came to the wedding regardless of whether they bought you a gift. A wedding guest often spends a lot of money on travel, accommodation and clothes, so you should regard their attendance as the gift to you.

•    Focus on the monetary value of a gift, for some guests making ends meet can be a real struggle, so spending £10 on a gift may be a big deal. If you have asked for or received money for the wedding gift don’t focus on the amount – thank them for their financial gift and say what you are going to spend it on.
•    Forget the people who sent you gifts but were unable to come to the wedding.
•    Send electronic thank you notes – your guests have spent time and money coming to your wedding, so give them the courtesy of a card in the post.
•    Do all the handwriting yourself – this is a job for both of you. A good way to divide up the job is for you to write out the cards to your relevant family and friends, but then both sign each card.

After all the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon you probably want to settle down to married life. Writing thank you cards together is a great way to show your friends and relatives how well yo. work together as a couple.

If you have any queries about thank you cards and their wording, give us a call, we have ten years of experience.