The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought a lot of issues in the wedding world.

If you are having a wedding yourself, you may be wondering how you should send out your wedding invitations during this pandemic.

These are some of the different options that you can choose from:


Go ahead

If your wedding is quite far in advance, the likelihood is that this whole situation would have been resolved by then. We think that it is okay to go ahead with your wedding, as well as sending out wedding invitations.

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You can easily order wedding invitations online which can be delivered to your door, and send them out without having to see anyone else. Most postal services are still running, and post offices are still open, making it easy to go ahead with sending your invites.

However, we would recommend to delay sending out your invitations as long as possible. You don't want guests turning down your invitations as they are scared of catching the virus.


Delay the wedding

If your wedding is within the next four months, chances are that it will not be able to go ahead. Therefore, we would recommend to delay the wedding, and reschedule to a better date. It's the safest thing to do.

So many wedding companies, including Tree of Hearts, are happy to help out people in these unfortunate circumstances, and are offering affordable solutions, discounts, and more.

Be sure to get in touch with your venue, caterers, stationers, and suppliers, to discuss what they can do for you.


Go online

If you are against the thought of sending physical invitations, then you can always go online. Sending e-invitations is super easy, and it can also be easy to express Coronavirus concerns with your wedding guests.

Alternatively, invite friends and family via text or via Facebook. It's so simple, quick, and affordable. It's not quite the same as sending out traditional invitations, but it's the next best option.


We hope you have found our advice useful! For more Coronavirus-related help and advice during this pandemic, be sure to check out out last blog 'How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Wedding?'.