Weddings are very personal affairs and you’ll want your stationery to reflect that. Here at Tree of Hearts, you can find the perfect wedding stationery to complement your big day whether that’s menus, place cards or even drinks vouchers.

With so many unique ideas, it can be difficult to know exactly what will work for your wedding day. There are plenty of things to keep in mind when planning. You’ll have to take into account table accessories, your theme, what you really need versus what’s nice to have, and of course, your budget.

Place cards

What Do You Put on a Wedding Table? - Je t'aime Foil Place Card

Featured Product: Je t'aime Foil Place Card

Place cards will almost certainly fall into your ‘must-have’ category. Following hours of arranging and rearranging your table settings, you’ll want to be sure that your guests are sitting in the right place. Place cards can range from very basic styles which simply do the job to more fancy designs - and even options that will reflect the theme of your wedding. They can be pre-printed, or you can try out your calligraphy skills for an added personal touch.


What Do You Put on a Wedding Table? - Vintage Bunting & Love Birds Wedding MenuFeatured Product: Vintage Bunting & Love Birds Wedding Menu

Your decision on menus may depend on whether you have asked your guests to select their meal before the day, or are having them order on the day of your wedding. Menus can also be used to remind your guests of what they’ve chosen, especially if their decision was made months in advance. Menus also help the venue staff ensure they give each guest the correct meal.


What Do You Put on a Wedding Table? - Pink Country Flowers - Favour Tag

Featured Product: Pink Country Flowers - Favour Tag

Deciding what to present your guests with as wedding favours can be tricky - especially when trying to balance something thoughtful and memorable without spending a fortune. More and more people are opting for something homemade or relevant to the location, like a locally produced food item. This can be coupled with a beautifully presented gift box or personalised tag. Another great idea is to give guests a lottery ticket. While this may not be linked to your wedding theme, it’s a nice touch which shows appreciation for how much guests may have spent on attending your big day.

Added extras

What Do You Put on a Wedding Table? - Winter Woodland Wine Bottle Labels - Pack of 9

Featured Product: Winter Woodland Wine Bottle Labels - Pack of 9

If you’d really like to push the boat out and make every aspect of your wedding day tie together perfectly, forget about branded wine bottle labels! Here at Tree of Hearts, you can personalise your table drinks by adding your own themed labels. This can prove a nice talking point for guests and shows you’ve really thought of every little detail. On a similar note, if you don’t have a free bar, you could give guests a drink token as a small gesture to thank them for attending.

For more wedding stationery ideas to customise your big day, browse Tree of Hearts today.