Following on from our 'Something Old' post, here's the second part of our four-part series in which we give you inspiration for the traditional rhyme 'something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue'. Brides often find 'something new' the easiest category to fill, with most brides buying lots of new goodies. Nonetheless, you may be looking for more ideas for your big day. Looking to buy 'something new' is a great excuse for treating yourself, as there's no better time to buy new accessories than when you can use the excuse 'I'm the bride!'.


Treat yourself to a new pair of earrings or buy matching jewellery for you and your bridal party. This gorgeous Tiffany necklace is ideal for your wedding day. It's subtle and stylish, with silver typical signifying wealth, glamour, and romance! What's more, the golden key represents your new life with your partner if you're buying a house or moving in together.

'Something New' Wedding Ideas - Tiffany Necklace

Featured photograph: Tiffany & Co


Shoes make a beautiful 'something new' and who doesn't love an excuse to buy a new pair? These Louboutin shoes, while expensive, are sure to make a statement on your special day. The classic red soles stand out beautifully for white weddings, and also complements a red rose bouquet perfectly. If you're looking for style on a budget, you could wear a friend's pair of heels for your 'something borrowed'!

'Something New' Wedding Ideas - Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Patent Coquillage

Featured photograph: Christian Louboutin 


A tiara is a beautiful statement piece that will definitely be admired on your day. From extravagant to refined weddings, you can find a tiara to suit any style and budget. Any wedding inspired by Harry and Meghan will also benefit from this gorgeous sparkling accessory! As tiaras range in price, you could use one instead of a veil - it has twice the wow factor!

'Something New' Wedding Ideas - Tiara


Although no one will see your underwear on your big day (aside from you and your partner), it can be a nice touch to have. New underwear can help you feel confident and beautiful, and you don't want to be walking down the aisle in your old pants! On your wedding day, you can go as extravagant or comfy as you want. If you want to add extra fancy touches, we recommend wearing a corset or waspie.

We love this bridal lingerie from Boux Avenue, as it is perfect for something stunning on a budget. It's refined enough to wear underneath your dress, but fancy enough to make you feel beautiful on your big day!

'Something New' Wedding Ideas - Boux Avenue

Featured photograph: Boux Avenue

'Something New' Wedding Ideas - Garter

Pair with gorgeous garters to complete your look! Garters are traditionally bought in pairs, with one thrown as a wedding tradition and the other kept as a keepsake. They come in a range of different styles, just like your wedding lingerie. Toss garters are often cheaper than your main garter, meaning you can keep one forever (and perhaps also hand it down to your own daughter for her 'something old' in years to come).

'Something New' Wedding Ideas - Debenhams Gown

Featured photograph: Debenhams

To top off your look, add a silk robe. This one is personalised with your new name, written using silver embellishments. It's ideal for wearing while you get ready, and will also look beautiful in bridal photos. It also gives a nod to your new husband and in-laws with your new initial!


Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense, instantly taking us back to special memories! For your big day, treat yourself to a new perfume and be transported back to the magic whenever you smell it. Also, wear it on anniversary meals or trips to remind your partner of the amazing day you shared. This Miss Dior perfume is ideal, bringing a touch of luxury to your day!

To conclude, there are so many different ideas for 'something new'; however, none of these are really necessary. You can always just have your new dress as your 'something new' or perhaps your new husband or wife! We hope you liked our ideas and have found something to incorporate into your big day as a result. Make sure to check out the rest of this blog series for more ideas, and also check out our other blogs - we have hundreds of wedding blogs to make sure your day is perfect!

'Something New' Wedding Ideas - House of Fraser Miss Dior

Featured photograph: House of Fraser