Here at Tree of Hearts, we've created a four-part blog series in which we inspire you with something old, new, borrowed, and blue ideas. 'Something blue' can seem daunting if you already have a non-blue colour scheme in mind, but there are many different ways to incorporate it into your wedding day. You don't have to worry about distracting guests from your colour scheme! Below are our favourite ideas, some of which are outgoing, while others are subtle:

Bridesmaid Dresses

If you do want a blue colour scheme, blue bridesmaids dresses make the obvious choice. Have all your bridesmaids in matching blue shades. Light blue shades work amazingly with pastel colour schemes, whilst navy blue has a more sophisticated feel when paired with classic white.

Alternatively, choose bridesmaids dresses in an array of complementing colours, like blue, purple, and pink. Mismatched dresses are on-trend, and will also bring a blue touch into your day without making a huge statement.

'Something Blue' Wedding Ideas - Dresses

Flower Bouquet

Flowers make a beautiful 'something blue' and can be as subtle as you want. We are loving this bouquet filled with pale blue flowers and rich greenery, including succulents! If you are looking for something more traditional, choose a white rose bouquet and tie satin navy ribbon around it. It definitely gives off an air of luxury, and you can make your bouquet as blue as you desire!

'Something Blue' Wedding Ideas - Bouquet


Stationery can be a more outgoing choice as its colour generally matches your colour scheme. We offer stationery in many different colours and styles, meaning that you can make blue your central colour or just a complementary one. For example, our 'Elegant Lace' design is perfect for adding a more subtle touch of blue (this colour can be changed to any of your choice). It's also versatile enough to use with a traditional, vintage or rustic-style wedding.

'Something Blue' Wedding Ideas - Elegant Lace Table Plan Card

Featured Design: 'Elegant Lace - Table Plan Cards' 


If you're looking for a more subtle choice, try these wedding shoes. They are made of a traditional bridal cream-coloured satin, but have a small blue touch on their soles! If you are wearing a long dress, the blue soles may not even be seen (unless you get wild on the dance floor), so make a great choice for a secret 'something blue'. They also have lots of glittering decorations on top, so are perfect for a glamorous bride.

'Something Blue' Wedding Ideas - Shoes

Featured Product: Blue By Betsey Johnson

Hair Accessories

Add a tiny blue touch to your wedding look with a pretty hair accessory. This one features lots of cream beads and silver decorations, but can still be used for your 'something blue' as it has three sweet blue flowers. Likewise, hair pins with a blue jewel attached are ideal for having a small amount of beautiful blue.

'Something Blue' Wedding Ideas - Hair Accessory

Featured Product: Lace & Favour


A garter is a traditional 'something blue' choice, and with so many beautiful designs available, it's clear to see why! Nobody will know about your secret blue accessory unless you do a garter toss at the end of the night, so it is the ultimate 'something blue' for someone who doesn't want any blue in their colour scheme.

'Something Blue' Wedding Ideas - Garter