Planning the perfect wedding day involves endless lists, seating charts and a whole multitude of other wedding stationery. Finding the perfect stationery can seem like a particularly daunting task if organisation isn’t one of your strong suits. But, when you get all of your stationery in order and understand what role each specific piece of stationery plays, planning the finer details of your special day will feel like a breeze. With the stress involved in planning a wedding, ensuring that your wedding stationery is provided by a reputable and reliable company can make everything a little bit easier.

What are wedding place cards?

What Size Are Wedding Place Cards? - Je t'aime Foil Place Card
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Having tables that are laid out with place cards gives your wedding a more formal feel. Not only do the cards allow guests to know at which table they’ll be sitting, but it also gives them a specific place at the table to return to as the night progresses. For weddings where food is provided in the form of a sit-down dinner, and where it’s normal to have different guests eating different meals, seating charts and place cards allow servers to easily see who is eating what. Wedding place cards can be incredibly versatile - tying your entire wedding together, and ensure that the day is as stress-free as possible.

What size are wedding place cards? Is there a standard size?

What Size Are Wedding Place Cards? - Chalkboard Botanical Love Birds Place Card
Generally speaking, place cards usually measure 100x60mm when folded, although personal preference dictates that you can have your cards in whatever dimensions you fancy - as long as they fit around the table. As is the case with their design, there’s definitely not a one size fits all where wedding place cards are concerned. You may find it is harder to get wedding place cards that are different dimensions to the standard size, but if they suit your overall theme better, go for it! If you’re wanting more bespoke sizes, then standard wedding place cards can be adapted to meet your needs if necessary.
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