Sending thank you cards to your wedding guests after your big day is a key part of good etiquette. Whether they helped you get everything ready, gave you a lovely gift, or simply attended to share your special moment, it’s important to show your gratitude. Here are our top five reasons for sending thank you cards!

1) Show Appreciation

Your wedding guests have gone out of their way to attend your special day, so show your appreciation with lovely thank you cards! Traditional stationery is perfect for letting guests know how meaningful you found their gesture. It feels so much more special than a simple text or email. Plus, it also looks beautiful!

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Add a personalised printed message to your cards or write them by hand. Many people send out a general thank you card to their wedding guests, but we think sending a unique note to each guest is much more thoughtful.

Whilst writing your card, make sure to say something specific about how their attendance made the wedding special. You could mention how their presence made the wedding shine, what you’re going to do with their gift, or how their assistance helped bring the day together. This personal wording will also make them feel appreciated.

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If someone has played an extra special role in your big day, such as the bridesmaids or best man, why not send them one of our wedding party cards? This beautiful stationery has a luxurious look and feel. It can be personalised to suit you!

2) Thank You Etiquette

Sending a thank you card is polite, and some wedding guests will see it as rude if they don’t receive anything. Traditionally, as part of wedding etiquette, brides would send a thank you card around 1-3 months after their big day.

To make things easier for you, you could order your cards with the rest of your wedding stationery before the day. This way, all you need to do is write and post them after the wedding. This gives you more time to enjoy your honeymoon and settle into married life without the stress of ordering more stationery!

3) Share the Love

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Getting a special note in the post will brighten anyone’s day! The same is true for your wedding guests. Seeing how much you valued their presence is sure to put a smile on their face. Plus, knowing that you’re doing something kind for your friends and family will make you feel happy, too. So, don’t forget to share the love!

4) Stand Out

In this modern age, sending a thank you card by post is rare. With everyone communicating over social media, email, and text, handwriting has become a forgotten tradition. Sending your cards will make you stand out, and it also helps to show your wedding guests that you truly appreciate them.

5) Keep the Fun Alive

Your wedding doesn’t have to be forgotten about after the big day! Buy wedding thank you cards that have a matching design to your wedding stationery to bring back great memories of the day.

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Alternatively, you could add your favourite photos from your special day to the thank you cards. This unique touch transforms the stationery into a beautiful keepsake guests will treasure.

The Importance of Sending Thank You Cards - National Writing Day - Thank You

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