Couples have asked us before whether a table plan is necessary at their big day.

There are several pros and cons to having a seating chart. Here is what we think...



They're useful

On the day, you'll probably be feeling a little bit stressed out!

A table plan will help you stay organised on the day, and helps your wedding plans run smoothly. All of your guests will be exactly where you want them - as you have planned for so long in your head.

Plus, if you have any guests with food allergies or requirements, its an easy way to make sure they are served the right meal.

They're beautiful

With so many different styles available, your table plan will definitely become a statement piece at your venue.

We have a table plan for every different wedding theme - including rustic, vintage, classic, and winter!

Do I Need a Seating Chart at My Wedding? - White Country Bouquet Table Plan

Featured Product: White Country Bouquet Table Plan

Mount your table plan onto an easel, and decorate with pretty flowers or leaves to make it stand out.

Less drama

If people know they HAVE to sit somewhere, they are less likely to complain about it.

Letting people choose their own seats can cause drama, as people who are last to arrive will probably find they're forced to sit next to someone they don't know or don't like.

With a table plan, you can also make sure everyone is sat in a space that best suits them, e.g. Grandad isn't sat next to the loud speakers!

Keeps people put

Without a seating chart, you can also expect people to walk around aimlessly throughout your wedding breakfast, talking to everyone!

Do I Need a Seating Chart at My Wedding? - Navy Jewel Flowers Place Card

Featured Product: Navy Jewel Flowers Place Card

A seating plan with place cards means that people are more likely to stay put throughout the meal, and make the place into a calmer atmosphere.



They're expensive

No one can deny that table plans can be expensive!

As a bigger piece of stationery that takes a while to create, they can rack up a cost that will cut into your budget.

Do I Need a Seating Chart at My Wedding? - Eucalyptus Garland Table Plan

Featured Product: Eucalyptus Garland Table Plan

However, here at Tree of Hearts, our table plans start from just £37 - amazing value!

Do I Need a Seating Chart at My Wedding? - Kraft Vintage Flowers - Table Plan Cards

Featured Product: Kraft Vintage Flowers - Table Plan Cards

We also have beautiful table plan cards, which make a cheaper alternative, and are perfect for smaller weddings.

Time consuming

Creating a seating plan that you're happy with can take up a lot of wedding planning time.

You'll need to consider which friends will get on, if anyone has any awkward exes going to the wedding, family feuds, etc!



We think that despite the cons of having a seating chart, it is definitely something that you should consider for your big day. Whilst they are not a necessity, they definitely bring some organisation to your day that you'll want!

At the end of the day, the decision is completely up to you, and what works best for your wedding day.


We hope this blog has been useful! Check out our other blog posts to find out more.