As the end of summer approaches we begin to see a change in wedding themes as the bright summer colours mellow into the warm, rustic palette of autumn.


There is just so many sources of inspiration for autumn weddings: harvest, falling leaves and Halloween, being particularly popular.


One of the best things about autumn weddings is taking inspiration from the colours of nature. Trees turn orange, yellow, copper and burgundy - trees in the maple family giving a particularly good show and feature prominently in the American “Fall” that influences our colours so much.  Brown and chestnut can be incorporated with the clever use of fir cones and conkers into table décor.  Burgundy and rich purples are found in nature too: brambles, sloes and other berries drip off the bushes.  Apples and pears vary from green-yellows right through to rosy red - and these fruits will often feature on the menu of an autumn menu. There is a comfortable warmth about these fruits as desserts, particularly when spiced up with cinnamon and a lovely warm autumnal drink is a cider punch.


Autumn is a season of bounty and many autumn weddings celebrate this by incorporating the harvest into their theme. If you look to the harvest for your inspiration you would be looking at yellow, gold and orange. This is a lovely base for a rustic barn wedding, incorporating wheat or barley heads into bouquets and table decorations offset by autumn flowers and seed heads. Pumpkins and gourds come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They can be used in practically every aspect of an autumn wedding from candleholders to table centre-pieces, and of course make a lovely soup.


For weddings in October and November, Halloween provides inspiration. The bright orange of pumpkins provide a stunning orange contrast to more Gothic blacks, purples and reds.  A Halloween theme allows you to bring out the damask lace and feathers, incorporating them into your flowers, table settings and wedding stationery.


Overall the autumn colours are warm. It is the time of year when you start thinking about snuggling up and being cosy. Although autumn can be warm, as you plan your wedding you will need to consider some way of the bride and bridesmaids to keep warm (and dry). Your menu will probably include something warming to reflect seasonal produce as already mentioned and the darker evenings give you a perfect excuse to light candles and lanterns around the venue to give a warm glow to your reception.


Autumn weddings are very popular. This is partly because venues tend to be cheaper than in the summer, but also because there is so much inspiration for wedding themes. From your wedding stationery, right through to your food and drink, autumn provides the colours and the bounty.