When planning your wedding guest list, you're likely to have questions about who you need to invite. Should you give everyone a plus one? Is it rude to give some guests a plus one, and not others?

We are here to help! Here is our quick etiquette guide to plus ones:


Who should get a plus one?

Following tradition, you would invite all guests who are in serious relationships with a plus one - referring to them by their names, not just as your friend's date!

Married couples should also both be invited, and you may want to consider inviting their children too.

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For single guests, it is your decision whether to invite them with a plus one or not. Bringing a date will make your wedding more expensive (and you'll probably end up with strangers in your wedding photos!). But your single guests are probably going to enjoy your wedding day more with a friend or potential partner with them.


Stick to a rule

If you're deciding to not have plus ones at your wedding, it's best to keep one rule throughout. To invite some of your friends partners and not others can be seen as rude, and is also likely to hurt people's feelings.

First decide where you want to draw the line. You may choose for only married couples to bring a date, or only couples who have been together for over a year. Let everyone else know that you are not planning to have any more guests and leave it at that. No negotiating!

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To make your rule extra clear, you should detail it on your invitations or guest information cards. Writing 'only family can bring a date' or 'only members of the wedding party can bring a date' means you're less likely to offend anyone too.


It's your decision!

If you can afford it, we do think that inviting all of your single guests with a plus one is a lovely thing to do. However, if you can't afford it or simply don't want them there, then that's fine too.

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To make sure your wedding goes as smoothly as possible, you may wish to introduce a few of your single friends to each other before the day so that they will know someone there - way less awkward!

Remember that it is your decision, and you should do what suits you and your partner best.


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