A guest book is a classic wedding tradition. But what is the purpose of a wedding guest book? In this blog, we'll answer that question and take a look at what you can do to find the right design for you!


For Guests

The guest book lets friends and family attending the wedding express their love for you both. By displaying a guest book on a table at your reception, you give them a chance to show their support as you enter married life together. Even the most shy people will be able to express themselves using a guest book, making them a wonderful way to include everyone.

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For You

Many couples want wedding keepsakes that will always remind them of their special day. Guest books can make an especially memorable keepsake, as they are filled with the words of your loved ones. You can look back over the book for years to come and remember all the excitement of that beautiful moment.

It can be so much fun to read through the messages people left for you time and again! From funny to sweet to wise, you can enjoy all sorts of heartfelt messages. This is another reason why the guest book has become such an enduring wedding tradition.

Typographic Rose Foil - Guest-Book

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Alternative Guest Book Ideas

Not everyone wants a classical book. Some couples may feel like they wouldn't find the time to look back on it. Others simply wish to break with tradition and have something a bit more unique.

If you're feeling the same way, there are lots of alternatives you could use instead. Click here to read our blog on all sorts of quirky ideas, from prints to globes and so more! These ideas can often be used as display pieces in the home, so they are a keepsake that won't end up gathering dust on a bookshelf.

Heart Monogram Tree - Fingerprint Tree

Featured Design: 'Heart Monogram Tree - Fingerprint Tree'