Planning the table seating at your wedding will either be one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning or the most difficult. It all comes down to your family and friends. Here are some pointers on planning a perfect table plan for your big day.

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Keep in Mind Age and Interests

Don't sit an older couple at a table with lots of 20-somethings, and don't surround your two best mates with your granddad and his extended family. Try to have a mix of people at each table, but within the same general age bracket so that they’re likely to have things in common even if they don't know each other. There's nothing lovelier than seeing your own granddad having a friendly chat with your fiancé's granddad on your wedding day.

Don't Leave Anyone out in the Lurch

Be considerate if you're inviting people who might not know many others at your wedding. All your university friends will be happy to sit together, but if there's a part of your life - say, work friends or old school friends - which only one or two people are coming from, try to sit them together so that they've got another familiar face around, especially if they're not bringing plus ones.

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Be Tactful

Most families and friendship circles have a few falling outs in their history, and your wedding day is one day to make sure old hatchets stay buried. Don't seat people together if you're in doubt as to whether they get on, and be sensitive if your parents are separated - they might not want to sit at the same table together, even for your big day.

Create a Talking Point

If you're still not confident that all of your guests will feel comfortable at their tables there are actions you can take! The easiest thing you can do to smooth things over is to create a talking point at the table to break the ice. Interesting party favours and place cards can get people talking and encourage them to introduce themselves even if they don't know anyone else. It's win-win. Adding gorgeous favours will make your wedding that bit more memorable for years to come.

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