Planning an amazing wedding in 6 months is definitely a challenge! But it can be done.

Here is our guide to wedding planning, talking you through each step of the wedding journey.

6 months to go...

With 6 months left before the day, you should be making your biggest decisions now. Getting the bulk of the organising and planning done at this stage will help you further down the line, and make everything so much easier and stress-free.

Choose your budget

One of the most important questions to ask your partner (and yourself!) throughout your wedding journey is how much you're both willing to spend on the wedding day. You may find your ideas of how much a wedding should cost are wildly different. Once you have come to an agreement you can then split up your budget across many different sections.

Top tip - Be prepared for unexpected costs! They are unavoidable for any wedding.

Book your venue

The first thing you will want to book is your venue. This is essential for knowing when your wedding date will be, so you won't be able to plan much until you know this!

Choose a venue that matches with your overall wedding theme, and try to stick to your budget as best as you can.

Book hotel rooms for guests

Once you have booked your venue, think about booking hotel rooms for guests. Ask your venue if they have any rooms at reduced rates - they may offer big discounts for couples getting married there!

Secure your vendors

Next, consider your vendors. You will want to book a lot of your main vendors at this point. This will save a lot of hassle closer to your wedding date, and vendors are more likely to be available for your special day the sooner that you enquire.

Choose your dress

The perfect wedding dress can be hard to find! By starting your search 6 months in advance, you have plenty of time to find your ideal wedding outfit.

Write your guest list

Start thinking about who you want at your wedding, and write up a guest list. This will include all of your closest friends and family - and whoever else you want attending the day.

Send your save the dates

Around 6 months before the day is when most couples send out their 'save the date' cards. This lets their wedding guests know the date of their upcoming wedding, so that guests can plan it into their schedule.

Make sure you have fully finalised your guest list before you start sending save the dates otherwise you run the risk of sending them to people who you then won't invite, which is very bad etiquette.

5 months to go...

1 month down, 5 to go! Hopefully by this point, a lot of the hard work will already have been done, and you can get stuck in to some of the more interesting planning.

Choose your wedding party

Decide who you want as your bridesmaids and your groomsmen, as well as your 'Maid of Honour' and 'Best Man'. This will usually be your closest friends, however it could be members of your family as well.

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You can then ask those special people to be a part of your wedding party with a thoughtful card or gift. It's sure to make their year!

Book your photographer

Also start thinking about your photographer. Get researching some local photographers, and take a look through their portfolio to find the right photographer for you.

You may also choose to have a videographer at your wedding, so you can book them at around this time, too.

Plan honeymoon

If you feel ready, you can start planning your honeymoon. Whether this is a short UK break or long holiday on a tropical beach, it's completely up to you! A honeymoon can be as big or small as you wish.

4 months to go...

Not long left now! With 4 months left until the day, there's still quite a lot to do. But it is definitely manageable.

Buy your wedding rings

You can buy your wedding rings at any point throughout your wedding journey, whether that's 6 months or 6 weeks before the day! We recommend to start looking around 4 months before the day, as this ensures you find the perfect rings with plenty of time to spare.

Cake and food tastings

One of the best bits of the wedding journey - cake and food tastings! You want to ensure that you get the perfect food on your day, so tastings are the best way to do this.

Once you have decided on your wedding food, you may also want to consider what type of drinks you will be having. An open bar can be very expensive, so be sure to consider if this is going to be a part of your budget.

Choose bridesmaids dresses

Now choose your bridesmaids dresses. You will want these dresses to reflect the theme and style of your day, whilst also being super flattering to your bridesmaids. Make sure your bridesmaids are also involved in choosing the dresses - this will make sure they feel extra special and comfortable on the day.

Choose suits

Likewise, the groom and groomsmen can also choose their suits at this stage.

Many couples opt to rent suits instead of buying them, which is a great idea for weddings on a budget!

Book entertainment

You can also book your entertainment. This can be anything from a live band to a magician or fire breather! Book something that expresses your personality as a couple.

Create a playlist

If you are deciding against live music or a DJ, then you may want to create your own music playlist for the day. Make sure to settle on your final dance song, too.

3 months to go...

Halfway through your wedding journey. There are still some important things to do, so get stuck in!

Send invitations

It's at this point where you will definitely want to start sending invitations. Sending your invitations too late or too early can result in less guests attending, so 3 months before the day is our recommended timing.

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Wedding invitations can be so beautiful, and make an amazing keepsake, as well as being super useful. Take time to consider what kind of style you are after.

Choose bridal shoes and jewellery

You've got your perfect dress, so now you need the ideal accessories! A beautiful pair of bridal shoes, and some special jewellery will really complete your look, and make you feel amazing on the day.

Try not to get too carried away when buying accessories though - the cost soon adds up!

Book florist

Consider what type of flowers you will be having on your wedding day, and book your florist.

Most couples choose to have bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, as well as the flower girl, and sometimes confetti, too. However, you can use flowers in any way that suits you - whether that's a large floral installation or small floral boutonnieres.

2 months to go...

The day is fast approaching, so get down to planning those final details!

Plan hen/stag dos

Your hen and stag dos are an important part of your wedding journey, and a great stress reliever before your day, too!

Plan and book your celebrations around 2 months before the day. This can be anything from a classic night out, to a fun archery or pottery event.

Hair and makeup trial

Make sure that you know what hair and makeup style you're having on your wedding day with your trials. These trials can be expensive so make sure they are part of your budget!

1 month to go...

Only 1 month left before you're officially married! Here are your final bits of planning in the last month before the day:

Buy wedding party gifts

You will want to thank your wedding party for their help throughout your wedding journey. A gift is the perfect way to show you care.

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Pair a lovely personalised gift with a thoughtful card to show your appreciation.

Book transport

Make sure you book your wedding transport at least a month before the big day. This will include the transport for the lucky couple, the wedding party, and the immediate families of the couple.

3 weeks to go...

Not long left to go. How exciting!

Write your speech

If you are reading out a speech on your wedding day, or writing your own vows, you will want to start this now.

You may also want to give your wedding party a nudge to start writing their speeches, as you want them to be as good as possible!

2 weeks to go...

With only 2 weeks to go, you'll probably be feeling the stress! Try to calm down as much as possible, and enjoy the journey.

Finalise your seating plan

You may want to start your seating plan much further in advance than this. However, you are very likely to see guests drop out of your wedding plans last minute. Ensuring you don't finalise your seating plan until last minute means that you won't waste money on large printed stationery that you then won't be able to use!

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Order last minute stationery and decor

There is a lot of other stationery you can buy last minute, too - from order of service to confetti and even thank you cards. Spreading out your stationery orders throughout your wedding journey makes it so much more affordable - and exciting!

Outfit adjustments

You may find that after a few months you need a couple of outfit adjustments. Be sure to try on your wedding outfit before the day, and have any alterations made where necessary.

1 week to go...

Enjoy the final days before your wedding!

Rehearsal dinner

Your rehearsal dinner is normally between 1-2 days before your wedding, and is a chance for you to run through the events of the day. Make sure this is booked with your venue and caterers if necessary.


Make sure your nails look perfect on the day with a professional manicure!

On the day..

Finally, your special day is here! Now, there's only one thing left to do:

Get married!

Make sure you enjoy your day, and treasure every moment. Hopefully all of your plans will have come together to make the most perfect day.


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