Many couples dream of a wedding ceremony that feels unique and personal to them. Whether you're sticking to wedding traditions or planning something totally modern, we have a few ideas on how to say 'I do' in your own way!

The Wedding Ceremony

While the ceremony is legally binding and thus comes with its own requirements, there are still ways in which you can personalise it. You can include your own personal vows alongside the legal vows. Creating your own promises to your partner is such a touching addition to the ceremony!

If you do not want to have a religious ceremony, you can opt for a humanist ceremony instead. This gives you a lot of room to make a bespoke celebration. You can work together with the celebrant to make a truly unique ceremony. Just remember, these ceremonies are only legally binding in Scotland, not the rest of the UK. If you live elsewhere in the UK, you will need to plan a civil ceremony as well.

Another beautiful addition you can add to your ceremony is a handfasting. By tying the couple's hands with a ribbon, you can symbolise your dedication to each other. It's a lovely touch that really shows your love!

wedding ceremony EmbracingUnion handfasting

Photo Credit: Handfasting Cord by EmbracingUnion

Time capsules are also a popular addition to the ceremony. You can fill a bespoke container with items that have significance to you as a couple, including love letters! Seal the box together in front of your loved ones and make a vow to open it again during one of your anniversaries.

The Venue

Finding the perfect venue is so important! It also lets you add that personal touch. Choose a location that has special meaning for you as a couple or simply select a place that reflects the things you love!

You can also use your venue layout to potentially create a unique seating arrangement. For instance, some couples choose locations where they can arrange the seats in a circle or semi-circle rather than the classic rows.

Aaron Delesie Chairs

Photo Credit: Aaron Delesie

Lighting, decoration, and atmosphere might also be customised if the venue owners allow it. You could use flowers and candles to set the mood. They can even be used to make a unique fragrance that you love! Other decorations might include a photo display showing your journey together or paying quiet tribute to a dearly loved family member or friend who has passed away.

To complete the atmosphere, choose music that reflects your own tastes as a couple. You might even be able to hire a band for a truly unforgettable experience!

Accessories for Couples

In addition to customising how your venue looks, you can pay attention to your own clothing and accessories to make a unique and personal experience as you make your vows. You don't need to stick to the white dresses and traditional suits if it isn't your style!

bouquet Sonia Bourdon Photographe

Photo Credit: Sonia Bourdon Photographe

You can also include accessories that have special meaning to you. For instance, a bouquet might include charms and ribbons given to you by your family or friends; perhaps you don't even want flowers at all! Alternative 'bouquets' are becoming more popular, with everything from origami and books to brooches and lanterns being used. For a suit, try this concept to create a stylish and personal boutonniere.

Accessories for Guests

The order of service is a wedding ceremony essential that gives you a chance to personalise the ceremony further. You can pick a design that reflects the wedding theme on the front cover. The wording inside can contain whatever you wish. So, in addition to the timings, vows, readings, and hymns, why not use that space to write something special? For instance, you can add in a beautiful memory, special thanks to your loved ones, or anything else that's important to you. What a lovely keepsake for guests!

order of service pink white country bouquet

Featured Design: 'Pink & White Country Bouquet Order Of Service'

There is rarely a dry eye in the house during a wedding ceremony! As such, guests will appreciate having some tissues or handkerchiefs nearby. Why not go for personalised tissues or hankies to really make things bespoke?

Finally, you can choose a dress code to make the ceremony feel unique. Just make sure to let guests know in advance!

Involve Your Loved Ones

Ask your loved ones to make the ceremony special by inviting them to give readings and perform poems at the wedding. It will be such an honour for them, plus it will make your day feel so much more special. You can also ask a young friend or relative to do the honours of being your ring-bearer or flower girl.

Alternatively, more and more couples are even using their pets as their ring-bearers! You can also hire out more unusual animals for this, such as owls and llamas. It's a totally quirky way to make your ceremony unforgettable - plus it makes for some super cute photographs!

BowPawTie Ring Cushion

Photo Credit: Dog Ring Bearer Pillow by BowPawTie