In an ideal world all of your invited guests will happily RSVP 'yes!' to their wedding invitations. But the likelihood is that some people will say no.

But how many will this be?


Around 20%?

You will often hear people saying that around 20% of their guests sent back RSVP saying no. This isn't strictly true!

The truth is that this number can drastically change from wedding to wedding - some people will have 5% say no, whilst others will have 50%. It all depends on circumstances.

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For destination weddings, you can expect the number of guests to RSVP saying 'no' to greatly increase. But local weddings may have a full house.

Weddings during the week will have less attendees, as well as weddings in busy holiday seasons, such as Christmas.

It also depends on the amount of guests you invited in the first place. If you only invited close friends and family members, then you're much less likely for people to not attend. They're not going to miss it!


Plan for everyone

We recommend that you plan for everyone that you have invited to come to your wedding. It's the most sensible thing to do.

In many cases, people have prepared for less to show up, and then been stuck last minute with more guests than expected!

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You may also find that your wedding guests bring unexpected plus ones (as well as people dropping out last minute!), so it's good to have some extra seats at your venue just in case.


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