Whether the bride's parents should pay for their wedding or not has become quite controversial! Traditionally, a bride's parents pay for her whole wedding and reception. But as the average wedding now costs over £32,000, we have found that most couples now pay for their weddings themselves.

But, what is the right thing to do?


Are the bride’s parents expected to pay?

Although the bride's parents have traditionally paid for the weddings, most couples nowadays do pay for the weddings themselves. Parent's aren't expected to pay!

For parents that do choose to contribute, it has been said that the bride's parents contribute around 45%, whilst the groom's parents contribute 15%. But obviously this will change from wedding to wedding.

You may find that other relatives, such as grandparents and aunts and uncles, want to contribute, too.

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What do the bride's parents pay for?

If your parents are insisting on following wedding tradition, you can expect them to pay for the reception and ceremony, including the pricey venue fees.

The groom's parents have been said to contribute mainly towards the honeymoon, as well as a few other expenses on the day, such as your wedding stationery.

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However, this will differ from wedding to wedding - some parents pay for everything, whilst others won't pay at all.


How can you ask your parents to pay for your wedding?

If you would like to ask your parents for money towards your wedding, there are lots of different ways to do this that are both respectful and kind. Be sure to approach them in a thoughtful way, and remember that they don't have to pay at all.

Budget Plan

Your parents may be hesitant to pay towards your wedding if they don't know how much it will cost.

Create a budget plan that you can show them so that they know how much your wedding will cost them. This will also help you out so much, too!

Be specific

A more reasonable thing to ask for is for your parents to pay for one specific thing in the wedding, such as your wedding cake, dress, or transport.

Make sure that you consider if they can afford it before you ask, too.

Find a middle ground

When it comes to weddings, compromise is key!

If your family are contributing a lot of money towards your wedding, they may insist you do things their way. Whether that's getting married in a specific location, inviting their friends to the wedding, or choosing a dress that's not your style, you're sure to experience a bit of friction! Make sure that you do consider their feelings, and perhaps try to come to a compromise with them.

If you can't compromise, you should pay for the wedding yourself and have it your way - even if that means toning things down.


Show gratitude

Whether your parents decide to financially contribute to your wedding or not, you should still show gratitude.

If your parents are paying, you can thank them by putting their names at the top of your wedding invitations.

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Alternatively, a thoughtful gift on the wedding day will make them smile, as well as a thank you card.


You should ensure that you have thoroughly considered your finances, and that you and your parents are happy.


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