Hundreds of weddings take place every week and each is an extremely personal occasion for those saying ‘I do’.

Understandably, each couple is often left searching for ways to make their big day unique. There are many different ways to have a memorable and great day not only for themselves but also for their family and friends.

Your wedding day can be as unique as you are, no matter what budget you have. There are always ways to add personal touches to your day, whether you’re going for a traditional white wedding or something more contemporary.

Here at Tree of Hearts, we’ve put together a list of ideas to give you some inspiration.


Get crafty

How Can I Make My Wedding Unique? - Festoon Lights - Arrow Wedding Sign

Featured Product: Festoon Lights - Arrow Wedding Sign

What better way to make your day unique than to design and make things yourself? Not only can this help save a few pennies, but it means you can tailor your wedding decorations (think bunting, table lights, balloons), table stationery (table plans and table names/numbers) and any other additions specifically to your taste. Whether your theme is based on a colour, the season, the location, your hobbies or something completely different, everything can be designed to suit.

Starting from the moment you post your save the date cards (or magnets, or any other idea you may have) your wedding can be one-of-a-kind from start to finish.


Grow your theme

How Can I Make My Wedding Unique? - Lace Love Heart

Featured Collection: Lace Love Heart

Choosing your theme is an exciting part of wedding planning! Let’s say your favourite colour is green, and you’d like that to underpin the theme of your wedding. Why not branch out and find other things relating to the colour to incorporate? This will enable you to come up with some really exciting ideas while still getting your green wedding dream.

How Can I Make My Wedding Unique? - Fingerprint Tree - Vintage Tree

Featured Product: Fingerprint Tree - Vintage Tree

For example, instead of using a traditional wedding guest book you can have guests leave their mark with a fingerprint tree. This would be a great way to tie your theme together via the ink colour while adding a touch of nature.


Take inspiration and add your twist

How Can I Make My Wedding Unique? - Botanical Garden - Table Plan Cards

Featured Product: Botanical Garden - Table Plan Cards

Photographer: Sarah Redman

Inspiration for your wedding day can be found in any number of places. Whether it's in a blog such as this one, on a site like Pinterest or simply walking through the local park and taking in your natural surroundings. There are hundreds of ways to spark an idea. If something in a wedding magazine catches your eye, or you love an idea you’ve seen at a friend’s wedding, there’s no reason why this can’t form part of your big day. You can take ideas from other places while still ensuring your unique wedding experience – just add your own twist.


Customising your own wedding stationery is a great way to make your wedding unique. Browse the selection at Tree of Hearts to find out more.