Making a wedding guestlist is easier said than done. Who should really receive a wedding invitation?

We are here to help! Check out our quick guide to creating a wedding guestlist:


Write down everyone

Before getting into the details, write down everyone that is a potential guest at your wedding. You'll want to do this with your partner to make sure that you both feel included in the process.

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This list should include everyone - even people you're not sure on. You can cut it down later!


Make lists

Next you'll want to split your guests into lists based on how important it is for them to be there. For some people this is just an A list, and a B list, whilst others will have a C list and D list, too!

Whilst putting guests into the lists consider your wedding budget and how many people you want at your wedding day.

A list

Your A list will contain all of the wedding guests that you wouldn't get married without.

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Generally this would include your immediate family, including your parents, siblings, and children, as well as your best friends. All of your favourite people!

B list

Your B list is also filled with family and friends that are close to you. Your grandparents, parents siblings, and nieces and nephews will probably be included in this list.

Don't forget about your close friends, too. You'll want to include people that you speak to regularly and that mean a lot to you.

C list

This list is for people that you do want at your wedding day, but wouldn't be too bothered if they couldn't make it.

The rest of your family will be on this list, as well as older friends and close work colleagues.

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If you can't afford to invite all of these guests, then consider inviting them to an evening reception.

D list

Finally, the D list. This is for the people you'd invite out of kindness - your colleagues, your mum's friends, people who invited you to their wedding day, etc. If your budget is tight, cut these people off your wedding guestlist first.

Don't feel obliged to invite these people either. Your wedding should be about what you want and who you want to see. Don't let other people pressure you into inviting unwanted guests.


Consider Kids

Unless you specify otherwise, people will bring their kids to your wedding! This is all fun and games until you end up with your venue being overrun by kids. Not fun!

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To cut down your costs, you can have an adults-only wedding - just be sure to mention it in your guest information cards too.

The same rule also applies to plus ones - specify whether guests are allowed one or end up with unwanted guests!


Get inviting!

Hopefully you should now have a better idea of who you want to invite. You'll then want to send them your wedding invitations!

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