Wedding vow renewals are a beautiful occasion - it's an intimate ceremony that simply says "I still do!" Wedding vow renewals are completely unique - maybe you decide to have one because you've both lived through a big life event, maybe your first wedding wasn't exactly what you'd dreamed of, or maybe you decide to have one just because you want to!
Whatever the reason you choose to renew your vows, it's a much more relaxed occasion, but it can mean just as much as your wedding day. You can choose to be as extravagant or as low key as you'd like in terms of location, decoration, and ceremony.
Who Should You Invite to Vow Renewals?
Generally, wedding vow renewal ceremonies are a smaller affair - typically with around 20 to 50 guests - but feel free to invite whoever you please! You may have had a small wedding to begin with, and want to make your vow renewal a huge event to remember. If you're looking for a little advice, here's what we would suggest:


Typically, your close family is the first port of call for wedding vow renewals. It's a wonderful time to share with your parents, siblings - and if you've had children (or they've grown up) since the big day, it can be an amazing experience for them, too.
On your wedding day, you may have felt a little more obliged to invite your wider family - perhaps family members that you weren't that close with or didn't connect with often. A vow renewal is seen as a much more relaxed affair, so that obligation doesn't apply - share it with exactly who you see fit. Or, you might see your vow renewal as a great opportunity to get the whole family together again - it's completely up to you!


Some people keep their vow renewals just as a family affair. Some people do it with no guests at all! But, if you want to widen the guest list, it can be nice to invite old friends who were there for the original thing.
Depending on when your wedding day was, you might have made some close friends since then. Your vow renewal it a great opportunity to share the celebration with them, too!
To get your guests together - you can send out invites, just like on your original wedding day. Check out our range here.