Butterflies are an intrinsic part of a warm summer's day, whether they be the stunning red admirals or the more delicate blues. As spring is well on its way, we will soon be seeing these lovely and slightly magical insects in our parks and gardens.

People are inspired by butterflies. They are part of the countryside and welcome in any garden – an art work in themselves. They are also much beloved: we all learnt about their miraculous life-cycle at school, even it was only via The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

A quick browse on Pinterest gives plenty of inspiration for butterflies to be incorporated into your wedding day. From large butterflies bedecking the marquee, to tiny little jewelled ones for nail decor, butterfly motifs are used very creatively to add to many wedding schemes. There are even companies in the USA that breed butterflies to be released at weddings.

Butterflies have been an important symbol both in art and religion over the centuries. Vincent van Gogh used butterflies to signify hope, in Christianity they are a symbol of the resurrection and in other beliefs they are a symbol of rebirth. In Central American civilisations, right up to the Aztecs, they were seen as the reincarnation of dead warriors.

The ancient Greek name for butterfly is “psyche” – also their word for soul or mind and the Japanese view butterflies as personification of the soul. In Chinese symbolism two butterflies flying together is the symbolism for love and it is these symbols that are most relevant to weddings.

Whatever the symbolism and meanings of butterflies, they certainly capture our imagination and are a popular theme for weddings. The colours of butterflies are so varied that they can fit in with and colour-scheme or mood that you wish to create. There are 59 species of butterflies in the UK alone from which you can take colour inspiration. But if your wedding is more exotic the colours of tropical butterflies are almost endless.

A group of butterflies taking flight is a very popular use of the motif for parties. It is not only very pretty, but denotes joy, hope, freedom. You don’t have to release captive ones to convey this message. Wedding stationery and cake decorations depicting butterflies flying off into the future are just as effective and more appropriate to our climate.

By incorporating butterflies into your wedding theme you open up so many creative opportunities and you will ensure a little bit of summer, whatever the weather.