It can be one of those questions which, quite often, goes unanswered. How much do you, or should you, spend on wedding invitations? 

This can be an awkward question to ask a friend because not everybody likes to talk about how much they spend on things. That’s exactly why we’re shedding some light on ballpark figures for your wedding invitation budget along with offering tips on ways in which you can save money in the process of arranging your wedding invitations.

Every wedding is different.

It could sound a little obvious, but you should remember that every wedding will have a different budget and guest list size, along with special flairs based on personal taste. Naturally, your intimate ceremony and reception for close family and friends will cost less than your friend's big party for 300 people when they tie the knot at an Algarve resort. This applies to the invitations, too. If you are planning a big wedding, you shouldn't expect to scrimp and save when it comes to the invitations. Assign your wedding invitation budget proportionally to the rest of your wedding spending.

How much do you spend on wedding invitations? - Rustic Flower Bouquet - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

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A £5 ceiling?

Even in the digital age, a beautifully designed wedding invitation still carries great stock. Perhaps because we are less used to receiving letters in the era of email, they can have even more impact on the recipient and as such are often kept as a keepsake.

Wedding invitations come in many different designs - from lavish and luxurious materials and sizes to more simple styles which exude a warm friendliness to your guests. In terms of cost, you can expect most wedding invitations to fall between a price of £1 and £4 per invitation - though much will depend on the style and size which you opt for. So, as a general rule, you should question invitations which are up to and over the £5 mark unless they feature an unusual design or expensive material.How much do you spend on wedding invitations? - Pastel Chalkboard Flowers - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Featured Product: Pastel Chalkboard Flowers - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

How to save a pretty penny

While neglecting your wedding invitation budget isn't a good idea, there are plenty of ways to save. At Tree of Hearts, for example, we can promise you free delivery on any orders of over £60.

That’s not the only free thing you’ll be receiving, we’ll also send you a sample of your invitation that will have absolutely no cost to you.

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