When preparing your wedding invitations, you may wonder if you should hand-write guests addresses onto the envelopes, or do something different.

We are here to help! Here are a few different options and our opinions on them:

Hand-written Envelopes

Traditionally, hand-writing envelopes is the done thing. It's a thoughtful touch that works well with traditional wedding etiquette.

Many people opt for hand-written envelopes when sending their invitations as they feel it gives them a more personal feel. Plus, at no extra cost (except maybe a new pen), it is also a great option for weddings on a budget.

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Before getting started, consider the time that handwriting envelopes will take. Maybe you could ask your bridesmaids to help? Or your mum and sister?

Also consider that you may make mistakes when writing your envelopes, so may need more envelopes than planned.

Overall, we think that if you want to follow traditional wedding etiquette, then hand-writing is the way to go.


If your handwriting can get messy, or you just want something fancy, then you could hire a calligrapher!

It's a great way to make a statement and impress your guests.

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This becomes expensive so consider the cost first to check this fits into your budget! At around £3-5 per envelope, your envelopes may end up more expensive than your wedding invitations.

Also consider whether any of your guests have eyesight problems (especially older folk!) as calligraphy can make your envelopes tricky to read!

Printed Envelopes

Alternatively, you can purchase printed envelopes with your guests addresses on. It's a beautiful modern alternative and a super easy way to address your invitations.

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The easy-to-read fonts ensure that your invitations will also be delivered and read successfully!

We have a wide range of beautiful printed envelopes available, so it's easy to match them to your wedding invitations or save the date cards.

You should opt for whatever suits you best - whether that's handwritten or printed envelopes.

We hope you have found this blog useful! For more wedding etiquette advice, check out our other blogs.