Guest Books
A guest book is traditionally used for guests to write a personal message to the bride and groom on their wedding day. It is usually placed in a visible place at the evening reception or circulated by an appointed member of the wedding party to ensure that every one gets to sign it. It is a great way of recording lasting messages from your friends and family and also makes the perfect keepsake which can be looked back on for many years to come.
As well as colour and design other points to consider when buying a guest book are;
How many pages does it have?
What size is it?
This is so you can work out if it will be big enough to hold all your guests messages basing it on the idea that one message may be wrote per couple or family and not one per guest attending. If you are having a large wedding then you may want to consider purchasing two guest books to ensure there is enough space for everyone write in.

Guest books come is a wide range of colours and designs and are often themed to match the rest of your stationery. Personalising your guest book with an engraved plaque can also add that extra special touch – For example; Nicola & James, 16th August 2014.
Here is an example of an Ivory Linen Wedding Guest Book, priced £18 from Tree of Hearts. This versatile guest book can be finished with a ribbon in a colour of your choice and can be personalised for an additional £5 (when purchased with a guest book) offering excellent value for money.

GB105-Plain-ivory-saffron---500   Plaques Main image-500


This Vintage Lace Guest Book is themed to match one of the wedding stationery designs on Tree of Hearts and comes complete with a personalised embellishment and a coordinating ribbon, all for an amazing £23. Make your guest book stand out with a matching personalised sign for just £2!


GB-S-11-500-Main   GB-S-11-Sign-Main


Having a beach wedding? Then check this fun and quirky Beach Scene Wedding Guest Book out from Tree of Hearts – Priced just £18!




Wedding Signature frame
A wedding signature frame is a great alternative to the more conventional guest book. But what is it? Well it’s basically a large picture/photo mount with a small cut out in the middle in which you display a personalised print that can be themed to match the rest of your stationery and the wording, for example ‘Please sign our guest frame. Nicola & James. 19/09/2015. The signature mount is best displayed mounted in a photo frame but without the glass so guests can write on it - frames can often be purchased with the signature mount to save you time trawling the shops to find one that fits! Guests then leave a small message usually throughout your evening reception … you then take it home, remove the print, replace with a favourite photo from your wedding day, add the glass and hang it on the wall for many years to come!
Wedding Signature Frames are available from Tree of Hearts, prices start from £16.95 for an unframed version.



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