In my previous post I outlined five essential items you will need if you are having a traditional formal wedding and reception. The next items are all optional, but are a selection of finishing touches you can choose to have.

1.    Favours – most couple provide their guests with favours as a thank you for attending. These can be fairly traditional, such as sugared almonds, or something more quirky to fit in with the overall theme. How they are presented on the table will depend on what you choose as a gift and your theme. Personalised boxes or little bags with a personalised tag really finish them off.
2.    Lottery Tickets – instead of favours a lottery ticket is a nice touch and again they can be presented in a style that matches the wedding.
3.    Disposable cameras – these are going out of fashion now as everyone clicks away with their ‘phone, but older relatives may still enjoy taking photos with the camera and leave them for you to process and enjoy later.
4.    Games – if children are attending it is well worth having colouring books or another activity suitable for their age to help them through the speeches, but adults like a game too. You can buy mini games for the table or themed bubble blowers for each table – they can be a great ice-breaker.
5.    Crystals, petals, gems or confetti – a beautiful way to enhance the wedding theme on each table. They all come in different colours to suit you.
6.    Party Poppers and Indoor fireworks – another chance to bring up the party atmosphere, there are a range of poppers, streamers and sparklers available to adorn the tables.
7.    Wine labels – you will probably be providing some wine on each table, so why not personalise them with your own labels?
8.    Post Box – your guests will bring cards and presents for your wedding. A personalised post box makes sure that cards don’t get left behind, particularly important if you have asked for money or vouchers as a wedding present.
9.    Guest Book – a guest book is a lovely memento for you after the wedding. You won’t be able to get to spend time with everyone, particularly at the evening ‘do’, so having them sign the book with their best wishes is lovely to look back on.
10.    Presents for the wedding party – you will want to buy a present for the bridesmaid, best man and ushers. You will also need to think about ordering flowers for both mothers and for anyone who has contributed to the organisation in a big way – don’t forget Auntie who has made the cake for instance.

We hope this list has helped you think about those finishing touches that make the day run smoothly. We can help you personalise most of these items, so please get in touch and have a chat.