If you have a DIY mindset, or have free time on your hands and want to take on a challenge, there is no reason why you can't design your own wedding invitations. As design experts ourselves, we are always there to act as a fail-safe should things not turn out as planned!

So, in this blog post, we look at some steps to take when designing your own wedding invitations. Ensure that you tick these boxes on your way to producing your invites.

Know your size

Deciding on your invitation size as a starting point can ensure that you are heading in the right direction. Not only will it feed into your design and ensure you are choosing a suitable style, but it can also influence where you can, or can't, get the invitations printed - whether that is a local shop or an online service.

Decide on your theme

How to go about choosing a theme for your wedding invitations? You can be guided by looking at themes which represent your personality as a couple. Are you both traditional romantics, edgy and alternative, or fans of all things retro?

How can I design my own wedding invitations? - Wild Love - Pocketfold Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Featured Product: Wild Love - Pocketfold Wedding Invitation & RSVP

There are many online galleries where you can view examples of different design concepts - look through them together until you hit the nail on the head.

Use your assets

There is no set formula for designing a wedding invitation, but you should be aware of the different assets which are available to you. Some couples might use a photo or several images of themselves in the design. Alternatively, you might opt for a layout which includes photos of the destination where the wedding will take place. You don't have to use images, but you shouldn't discount them either.

All the info

How can I design my own wedding invitations? - Kraft Vintage Flowers Day Invitations

Featured Product: Kraft Vintage Flowers Day Invitation

Wedding invitations should look and feel great, but they also have a functional element too. You should take great care to ensure that all of the essential information is there. An RSVP should be included in some form, and you might like to direct your recipients to a wedding website which you have set up ahead of the big day. This can include a registry which allows RSVPs, as well as a base for more information which can not be easily included on the invitation itself.

Get printing

Is your design ready? Now it's time to send to your printer, whether that's a local or online service. Be sure to ask for a proof before you give the go-ahead for the full print, and always know what the turnaround will be, so you are not left waiting for longer than you expected.