Whether it’s personal nicknames, your favourite colour, or a font you just absolutely have to have, customising your wedding stationery is a fun, elegant, simple, and beautiful way to create artwork that screams you and your partner are getting married!

Some stationers, printers, and other retailers offer online platforms where you can build your stationery yourself and off it goes to be printed. Here at Tree of Hearts, we are a traditional wedding stationer. We have a team of experienced professional designers ready and waiting to work collaboratively with you to create your perfect stationery. Think of it like you have hired your own personal design team to build your wedding stationery of choice. Just one of the reasons our stationery is more OMG than DIY.

wedding stationery designer works on a computer
Grace, one of our designers, working on wedding stationery for one of our couples

So, what are the do’s and don’ts to customising your wedding stationery?
We asked our designers, with their wealth of wedding stationery experience (trust us, they have seen it all!), "What are the tricks to getting the perfect bespoke personalised stationery?"

Wedding "inspo" on a mood board

A mood board will mean you and your partner can collaboratively add all the things you love to one place. Grace, one of our designers here at Tree of Hearts, said, ”Colours, fonts, textures, materials, basically any inspo you find from online or print can help build up an image in your mind of what you want to achieve. It's great when a customer comes to us full of ideas and we can work with them to make what's in their head a reality!”


Trends come and go. One year it might be pretty pastels and other years, bold gold and blacks. Choose a colour you and your partner want and love. Trends can help guide you (see our 2022 Wedding Trends blog for next year!), but ultimately this is your wedding and your choice. Go with your gut! Some things you can bear in mind to help you are:

  • Season
  • Venue
  • What mood you want for your day
  • Time of day
  • Consult a colour wheel to give you other options to blend other colours into your day
Rustic lace mood board
Check out our I-candy mood boards in our blog. A great way to get your started on creating your own!


Script and calligraphy fonts are commonly used in the design of wedding invitations. They look beautiful but importantly, people can read them easily. Natalie, head of design here at Tree of Hearts (and a bit of a font nerd!), added, “Stylish and romantic fonts translate perfectly into “on the day” wedding stationery. Perfect for giving guests much needed information like order of service, table plans information, and menu choices!”


Card, paper, velum, embossed. The list goes on and can get a bit mindboggling. This is where samples really are recommended. Order a few. Get the products in your hand and feel the one you like the most. Unfortunately, no matter how much we try, our website can only go so far to showing you the quality of materials we use. So we encourage you to order your 3 free samples. We will even send them to you for free to make up your mind.

We love where we work and we love what we do!

Choose who you work with with care!

There are many out there that say they “do” wedding stationery, but it really does pay to go to a professional. We have had many couples come to us in a panic after their DIY attempts online have not looked how they thought they would  when they received them. Or printers that have not personally checked simple things like spellings, and now Matt is marrying Rechel on the 21st instead of Rachel! These mistakes are costly. So working with a reputable stationer that will use their skill and expertise to help you customise your wedding stationery is priceless!

Your wording

Now the fun begins and it all starts to get very real. Names, dates, places - it all begins to come together. From save the date cards to thank you cards, we encourage our couples to put their personality into their copy. We have had poems, short stories, jokes, and even a limerick or two requested on stationery. Take your time, jot down your thoughts, and talk to our team for some advice if you need to. The great thing about using a stationers like Tree of Hearts is we personally copy-proof everything. Yep, no computers here. Our design team read your copy to make sure there are no errors AND send you a proof via email for you to check. So no more fears of wasted money on spelling mistakes or it not looking just perfect!

Final tips to customising your wedding stationery

Check and check again.
Our design team are here to help dot the I's and cross the T’s, but make sure you double-check all venue information several times before going to print. This includes things like the postcodes, times, menu choices, guests names, and all the other finer details.

Don’t trust your computer screen.
This is where the input of an experienced designer is so valuable. Your computer screen may be tinted, magnifying to little or to much, or not showing you finer details of colour or materials. Some things only come with experience. We know white fonts look better on some backgrounds than others and what colours clash and we know what size font to use and what spacing to have for your text to make it look its best. We will share this knowledge with you to get the very best design for your stationery before you pay out a penny!

Once you are 99% sure of your chosen design, order one! We will help you build it, and with no minimum order value you can hold an actual version of your professional wedding stationery in your hand to make that 99% into 100%! Worth it for peace of mind.

Don’t forget envelopes.
We all know what it’s like to experience opening a beautiful letter or gift and a wedding invitation is no exception. All our stationery come with quality envelopes as standard (one less thing for you to worry about!) and you can order beautiful wedding envelope seals for real indulgence!

Want more advice or guidance on customising your wedding stationery? Call our team, they love making ideas into reality! Your wedding planning journey should be stress-free and they look forward to working with you to create something truly magical!