When planning your seating arrangements for your wedding, you may have a few questions about place cards. Is it okay to put couples on place cards?

We've been asked this question several times, and like most wedding stationery questions, the answer is that it's completely up to you!

Whether you want to stick to tradition, do something more modern, or are on a budget, there's an answer for you. Scroll down to read more.


Do You Put Couples on Place Cards? - Je t'aime Foil Place Card

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Stick to tradition

Traditionally, every wedding guest would have their own place card. We think this is great, as it makes the seating arrangements so much easier. Plus, many people love to keep their place card as a keepsake from your wedding day.


Do You Put Couples on Place Cards? - Pastel Chalkboard Flowers Place Card

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Many people following tradition also like to sit couples away from each other on their wedding day, to make sure conversation flows around the tables, and that couples aren't just speaking to their other halves! However, if you want a more modern wedding, we think its best to seat guests as they'd be most comfortable.


On a budget

If you're on a budget, it is fine to cut down on place cards. Whilst they're super handy, they can also add up to be costly, and many guests won't even notice you've cut down.


For married couples, put both of their names onto a card with the mans title and full name, e.g. Mr and Mrs James Owen.

For same-sex married couples, put both of their names onto a card, e.g. Mr James Thomas and Mr Mark Thomas.

For couples that aren't married, put their names onto the card separately, e.g. Nicola Goddard and James Owen.

For people who have invited a plus one, simply write out the guests name and '+1'. E.g. Nicola Goddard +1.


If you aren't that bothered where guests sit on the day, then you don't need any place cards.


We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and found it useful! Check out our other blogs to find out more about wedding etiquette and our stationery.