If you are planning to get married within the next few weeks or months, Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) will affect your wedding day. It's an unwelcome guest, but unfortunately one that you can't really do much about!

To help you out during these difficult times, we've detailed the things that may be affected, and how we recommend dealing with them.



Unfortunately, you may find that your venue will close due to the Coronavirus. Having a lot of people together in a venue isn't a safe idea during times like these.

We recommend you get in touch with your venue directly to discuss their plan. Venues in more discreet locations are more likely to remain open, whilst lots of city venues have already closed their doors. If your venue is remaining open, you will want to ask them what hygiene measures they are implementing. It's better to be safe than sorry!

If you find that your venue is closing, discuss whether you can reschedule your booking. Under the current circumstances, you may find that most venues are more flexible with their rescheduling and prices. They're sure to want to help couples out.

How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Wedding?

If you are getting married in a church, then you must be prepared to downsize your ceremony. The Church of England has recently issued guidance saying that weddings can only include five people - the bride and groom, the priest, and two witnesses.

You can still have a larger evening reception if you would like.



You are also likely to find that a lot more guests will be unable to attend. Some of these will be due to health concerns, whilst others will be in quarantine for the coronavirus pandemic.

Although this may be upsetting for you, you must understand that it is their choice on whether they attend or not. You cannot take their choice personally.

Elderly Guests

For elderly guests, you will also want to tell them to stay at home. It is not work risking people's lives for your wedding day.

Overseas Guests

Any guests flying from overseas should regularly be checking for flight cancellations.

Whilst flights in to the UK are still going ahead, we are likely to see a lot more flights being cancelled in the days to come. Plus, your overseas guests needing to go home causes a second issue!

Smaller Guest-list 

If you are going ahead with your wedding but you're down-sizing your guest list, there are different ways to make sure that everyone is still included.

You could start by live-streaming the event. Explain the situation, and that you wish everyone could make it, and be sure to save everyone a piece of wedding cake!



Having to potentially re-schedule or cancel your wedding day is sure to have a large effect on your finances.

Consider how much each of these will potentially cost, and try to cut costs elsewhere.

Venue and Caterers

Hopefully, your venue, caterers, and any other companies that you are working with will let you reschedule for a low cost, but this is not guaranteed.

Wedding Stationery

Here at Tree of Hearts, we want to do our very best for couples affected during this difficult time and help them out with their wedding stationery.

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Hen Do

Your hen and stag dos are also likely to be cancelled due to social contact risks. Most clubs and bars are currently closed, as well as restaurants and pubs, so it's difficult to go out.

Therefore, you will probably want to reschedule the parties for in a few months time, for when everything has (hopefully) calmed down.

How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Wedding?

Alternatively, share a few drinks together with friends over a video call! It's a great time to catch up, and it will be nice to hear their reassurance, too.



If your honeymoon was abroad, you're likely to have to postpone or cancel it.

A lot of flights are currently being cancelled, especially to high-risk areas such as Italy and Spain. Some companies are still going ahead with flights, but this is likely to stop.

Be careful when re-scheduling your honeymoon if you are planning to go somewhere that is currently high-risk. Unfortunately, we do not know how long this situation will continue for, and how other countries are planning to deal with them. Certain areas may be cut off to tourists for more than a year, so bear this in mind.


Have a Plan B

It's important to always have a 'Plan B' when it comes to your wedding. As this pandemic has proved, you never know what is around the corner.

These are your options for your back-up plan:


This is probably going to be the most popular choice, as it ensures you can have the wedding of your dreams.

Unfortunately, this does come at a cost, and some people will be unable to afford it.

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Many wedding companies will be offering solutions to help ensure that re-scheduling your day goes smoothly.

Here at Tree of Hearts, we are offering 'Change the Date' cards. They're a stylish and affordable solution to help you let guests know about your new wedding date.

Micro ceremony

If you feel that you are too far along in the wedding planning to re-schedule your day, a micro ceremony is a great option.

This is a smaller ceremony with only a couple of guests (e.g. your best man and your maid of honour), and is more about the actual marriage commitment than the wedding day.

If this appeals to you, then feel free to go ahead. Just be sure to practise social distancing and good hygiene on the day.

It's up to you!

Think about your wedding day and consider what you consider to be essential. Does the decor, the guests, and the party really matter to you, or do you think you could get married without it? At the end of the day, it's completely your decision.

Make a choice that you know both you and your partner are happy with, and that keeps both you and your wedding guests safe.


We hope that this blog has been useful to you. For more wedding help and advice, check out our other blogs, and if you have any questions regarding Coronavirus, be sure to also check out our Coronavirus page for up-to-date news on how we are dealing with this situation.