A Christmas wedding in the wintertime is a fantastic idea if you love the festive season! However, the cold season also brings a unique set of challenges. Don't worry, though; we've listed the major Christmas wedding pitfalls and how to avoid them!


When you choose your venue, bear the weather in mind. How easy will the journey be for guests travelling in on the day? If you think traffic and road conditions could prove troublesome, you can always arrange nearby lodgings for guests to make the trip shorter and quicker. In addition, try to keep the ceremony and reception in the same location so bad travelling conditions don't spoil timings.

Christmas Wedding - Rustic Winter Woodland

Featured Design: 'Rustic Winter Woodland Order Of Service'

Weather can also change the venue's appearance, so if you're location-hunting in spring, ask for photos of the exterior taken during winter. A venue might have a stunning flower garden, but you're much better off choosing somewhere with majestic fir trees that will still be there during your wedding! Or perhaps there's a lake that would look breathtaking in the frost? Play to your season and emphasise natural winter beauty.

Warmth is important for both the wedding party and the guests. There are so many gorgeous options for winter wedding dresses nowadays, so brides needn't worry about choice! Capes and faux fur wraps make gorgeous accessories for you and your bridesmaids.

Christmas Wedding - Bride

Keep your guests happy by offering blankets and toasty drinks at the reception. An accessible area to hang coats will also come in handy once the dancing starts.


The days are shorter in winter, so you need to plan the wedding accordingly. Photo portraits should be organised to make the most of the daylight if you want outside shots. Schedule them prior to the ceremony if possible. Of course, the early nights bring plenty of unique photo opportunities! Use lanterns, sparklers, and other dreamy lighting to create one-of-a-kind photograph settings.

Remember that travelling will be tougher during the winter season. Take this into account when organising your day, and leave ample time for guests to arrive.

Why You Should Have a Christmas Wedding!

Feeling a bit daunted? Don't be put off your winter wedding dreams. It's important to know how to tackle the worst-case scenario, but it's not all bad news. There are so many reasons why Christmas weddings rock!

First, there's so much inspiration for magical decorations and unique settings. Embrace your Christmas theme with colours like deep red, rich green, and glittering gold. Festive favours like personalised baubles will be a reminder of your wedding every year as guests hang them on their tree, while themed stationery ties the day together.

Christmas Wedding - Festive Winter Woodland

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Invest in moody lighting to make the most of the dark winter nights. Candles and fairy lights create a cosy atmosphere - bonus points if your reception venue has a fireplace! For food, there's no end of options. Think mulled wine, seasonal vegetables, and a showstopping wedding cake with a festive twist.

Christmas Wedding - Once Upon a Cake Co

Photo: Amber Lynn Photography | Cake: Once Upon a Cake Co. | Source: Wedding Chicks

Christmas is also the perfect time of year to get your friends and family together for a wedding. There's less risk of guests double-booking due to a planned holiday, and your special day won't get lost amidst the plentiful spring and summer weddings. Vendors might also lower their prices during the off-peak season, so you can save some extra cash, too!