We love weddings in the colder months of the year.  Not only are the venues and decorations super beautiful, but we love seeing the stationery that people choose. Here are a few of the most popular stationery trends for these wonderful seasons, including classic and modern styles!

Autumn Stationery Trends


Autumn weddings are so versatile, so we see a wide range of different stationery designs ordered for this period. Many autumn couples opt for classic shades of burnt orange, burgundy, and brown. However, we believe that many other colours work perfectly for autumn! So, whether you want to stick to a traditional colour palette or get creative with your favourite shades, it's completely up to you.Autumn/Winter Wedding Stationery Trends - Delicate Autumn Leaves Save the Date Magnets

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Subtle Stationery

While many couples look for designs featuring motifs like autumn leaves, others opt for more subtle seasonal colour palettes to introduce their theme. We love our 'Vintage Bunting & Love Birds' design for autumn, and with 30 different shades to choose from, you can personalise it to suit any theme.

We have noticed that many 2019 couples have chosen subtle designs, with some taking inspiration from the simple yet sophisticated royal weddings of recent years.

Autumn/Winter Wedding Stationery Trends - Vintage Bunting & Love Birds - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Featured Product: Vintage Bunting & Love Birds - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP

Jewel Tones

This year, we have also seen a lot of jewel tones incorporated into wedding stationery. We predicted this as a trend for 2019, and we have definitely not been disappointed!

Dark and moody colours are also on-trend for 2019. Whether that’s jewel tones of burgundy and emerald or sophisticated navy, these shades will be adored by guests. We can’t wait to see the wedding photographs!

Autumn/Winter Wedding Stationery Trends - Watercolour Flower Bouquet Order Of Service

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Winter Stationery Trends

We also have a soft spot for winter weddings - is there anything more beautiful?

Red and Green

Every year, we see couples opting for classic red and green colour palettes. Red and green is more of a tradition than a trend, so we will definitely see this wonderful colour palette again this year, especially for Christmas-themed weddings. Pair red and green wedding stationery with traditional white venues to make your stationery pop!

Autumn/Winter Wedding Stationery Trends - Festive Winter Woodland Table Plan

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Whilst we love red and green, blue is likely to become more popular for 2019 winter weddings, taking over as a staple colour. Blue colour schemes are so versatile, making them a sophisticated option that guests will love.

Autumn/Winter Wedding Stationery Trends - Lace Love Heart Place Card

Featured Product: Lace Love Heart Place Card

Gold Foil

With many brides choosing gold wedding dresses this year, we are also certain to see this showstopper shade make its way into everyone’s colour palettes. Whether you’re going classic or contemporary, it’s the perfect colour for winter!

We are loving gold foil stationery for contemporary winter weddings, as the foil adds a beautiful modern touch to your special day. Many 2019 couples have also experimented with mixed metal styles this year, opting for quirky industrial venues. We think this looks amazing paired with gold foil stationery, and are hoping to see more of this unique trend in 2020.

Autumn/Winter Wedding Stationery Trends - Je t'aime Foil Day Invitation

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You can't go wrong with a traditional theme! Our 'Rustic Winter Woodland' design is so versatile, making it perfect for many different weddings and adding a classic rustic feel to any venue. The artwork of sweet deer underneath falling snow add a super cute touch, too!

Autumn/Winter Wedding Stationery Trends - Rustic Winter Woodland - Arrow Wedding Sign

Featured Product: Rustic Winter Woodland - Arrow Wedding Sign

Whatever you're choosing for your autumn or winter wedding, it is sure to look fabulous! Make sure to comment below what stationery trends you're going to follow for your big day.

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