With many people starting to plan their 2019 weddings, we’ve put together a list of trends that will be taking the wedding world by storm. From simple and sophisticated to outgoing and outrageous, here are the best 2019 wedding trends!

1) Dresses

Dresses are definitely one of the biggest changes in 2019 weddings. This upcoming year brings a whole new range of unique and out-there dresses, as well as dresses that ooze elegance and sophistication. 2019 is not a year to be missed!

Simple dresses

Featured photograph: Alexi Lubomirski

2018 saw the beautiful wedding of Harry and Meghan, and with this came the rise of simple dresses. This trend is sure to continue into 2019, with brides taking inspiration from Meghan's sophisticated simple Givenchy dress with sleeves, as well as her small floral bouquet and glamorous tiara. You can also expect to see more dresses with sleeves due to Princess Eugenie, who also rocked a simple unembellished dress with long sleeves.

Coloured dresses

Featured photograph: Vera Wang

Alternatively, quirky coloured dresses are also becoming more popular. Many brides that choose an alternative colour to white or ivory are opting for refined choices, such as blush pink and pale blue, whilst others choose bright dresses- in oranges, reds, and the fashionable ultraviolet. The trend of coloured lace underneath the white dress is also continuing, with many brides opting to match the underneath of their dresses with their wedding colour schemes.

Vera Wang has contributed to this trend with her Spring 2019 collection being full of colour. Black wedding dresses are also more popular than ever; however, coloured dresses are definitely the thing for 2019!

Layered dresses

Featured photograph: Marchesa

This year will see the rise of layered dresses for sure, with many designers having these eye-catching designs in their Spring 2019 collections. This Marchesa dress is very on trend for 2019, and is sure to make a statement! While the layered design is unique, many similar dresses stick to traditional white- perfect for high-fashion brides who still want a white wedding.

The second dress

Many brides are buying two dresses, with one for the ceremony and one for the reception. This means that they can be more comfortable on the dance floor, whilst still having beautiful wedding photos in their fancy gowns. This is another trend inspired by Meghan Markle who wore two dresses on her famous big day. Practical dresses are also in, with dresses with pockets on the rise!

Wedding capes

Featured photograph: Pnina Tornai

While the veil is a wedding classic, the cape is very on-trend and is making its way into 2019 weddings. Like veils, many capes are made from bridal lace, making them sophisticated and elegant; however, others are made from heavier materials, such as silk, making them even more of a statement piece.

2) Venues


Featured photograph: Addison Jones photography

With metallic being a huge theme for 2019 weddings, industrial venues are all the rage. Expect weddings in refurnished warehouses, with metal accessories and geometric patterns. These weddings will be paired with wedding dresses in metallic shades, with gold dresses being a possible trend for 2019.


Featured photograph: Photography by Vicki

Whilst venues abroad are still popular, traditional sunny wedding destinations, such as the Caribbean, will decline in popularity in 2019. Instead, many are opting for European places full of culture, with Italy and Greece set to be the biggest wedding locations. Lake Como and Mykonos are likely to take spotlight, and Santorini will remain a firm favourite. 2019 also brings the rise of more unusual destinations, including Croatia.

The venues will also be different, with many couples having smaller, more intimate weddings. This has been more popular recently as more people are choosing to marry only with family and very close friends around, especially with destination weddings. Nonetheless, many others are still opting for huge weddings. In 2019, few weddings are set to be in between, with most being very small or very large.

3) Colours

While simplicity is a key theme for 2019, so is colour. And this is definitely reflected through the upcoming colour schemes.

Jewel tones


One of the biggest predicted trends is the rise of jewel tones. These include deep shades of purple, pink, and green. Introduce jewel tones through different accessories, including flowers. This trend works especially well with bridesmaids wearing dresses that complement each other rather than identical dresses, in different jewel tone shades.

Featured photograph: Jenny DeMarco photography

Bring jewel tones into your industrial wedding by adding flowers in deep purple and pinks, and weaving jewel tones into your groomsmen accessories, such as ties and pocket squares.

Bright colours

Featured photograph: Katy Lunsford

Brides are also taking inspiration from the 70s by adding bright colours to their wedding palettes; think orange, yellow and red! Meanwhile, older trends are dying down, including subtle neutrals, like champagne and blush. Instead, many modern brides pair blush with navy. Summer weddings especially suit these bright themes, with vibrant colours being on trend for summer 2019!

4) Stationery Trends


Featured design: Pink Country Flowers

In 2019, simplicity is key! Look for invites that feature artwork on top of a white background. Our 'Pink Country Flowers' invite is ideal for those having a wedding with blush pink detailing, as well as lots of flowers and foliage.

Featured design: Je t'aime 

Our 'Je t'aime' pocketfold invites show that less is definitely more, especially for 2019 weddings! Personalise the heart to a colour of your choice to suit your modern colour palette and contrast with the sophisticated pure white background.

Nature Inspired

Featured design: Kraft Vintage Flowers

Nature is still a huge trend for 2019, as it is every year. So buy invites reflecting the floral elements of your wedding. Our 'Kraft Vintage Flowers' design is ideal for rustic wedding with blush pink detailing.


Featured design: Royal Monogram

As so many people will take inspiration from Harry and Meghan's royal wedding, regal invites are sure to be on trend throughout this year. Our 'Royal Monogram' design is effortlessly sophisticated, just like the royal wedding, and features your personalised monogram, too.

We hope you've enjoyed this blog about 2019 wedding trends. For more wedding inspiration, check out our page. We have hundreds of posts that will help make your wedding day perfect!