If you're planning a 2018 wedding, checking out the latest trends is a great way to find inspiration! From venues and cakes to stationery and dresses, there's no shortage of beautiful ideas to make your special day shine this year. That's why we've gathered the top 2018 wedding trends to help you get your wedding planning started!

2018 Wedding Trends - Stationery

First, let's take a look at the style of stationery experts say will be huge in 2018. Floral illustration and flowing scripts are taking the spotlight.

2018 Wedding Trends - Kraft Vintage Flowers Wedding Invitation

Featured Design: 'Kraft Vintage Flowers Day Invitation'

In addition, unusual materials like wood and stone will also be popular. To get that unique look without the extra cost, Tree of Hearts offers designs with wood, chalkboard, and marble effects printed onto card.

2018 Wedding Trends - Elegant Marble Blush Save the Date

Featured Design: 'Elegant Marble Blush Save the Date Cards'

2018 Wedding Trends - Venues and Decor

Industrial locations are a big favourite for wedding settings. The appeal of having a 'blank canvas' venue lies in your ability to make the space your own. Industrial settings also add a moody edge to the surroundings, and many couples love this twist on tradition. Green foliage, a scattering of pale flowers, and materials like copper and marble top the decoration trends for this kind of venue.

2018 Wedding Trends - Flowers with Elegance Setting

Source: Flowers with Elegance

2018 Wedding Trends - Cakes

Reflecting the venue styling of lush natural details against minimalist metallics, popular cakes for 2018 feature the same mix of floral and industrial. Geode, marble, and metal effects make a sharp background for softer foliage.

2018 Wedding Trends - Mikkel Paige and Ashley Cakes

Cake: Ashley Cakes | Photo: Mikkel Paige

2018 Wedding Trends - Dresses

Relaxed and light bohemian-style dresses with hints of floral inspiration are a big favourite for 2018. Incorporating unusual colours, from hints of black to colourful shades, is also increasingly popular with many brides who want to stand out from the crowd!

2018 Wedding Trends - Dress

2018 Wedding Trends - Colour of the Year

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018 is the stunning Ultra Violet. We can't get enough of this moody and mysterious shade. You can add it to your special day through your decorations, catering, and stationery. A purple marble effect on a wedding cake is the perfect way to combine the colour with the popular geode theme...

2018 Wedding Trends - Burnett's Boards - Cake

Cake: Burnett's Boards

...While the trend for light and colourful floral dresses opens up the way for pretty purple prints.

2018 Wedding Trends - Purple Dress

Try pairing this bold shade with neutral colours for a striking effect. Using the strong Ultra Violet sparingly will keep the colour as the centre of attention without overpowering other elements of your day.

2018 Wedding Trends - Lace Love Heart Wedding Invitation Suite

Featured Design: 'Lace Love Heart - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP'